Thursday, September 14, 2006

A Belated Introduction

I've been remiss in popping in over here. I'm one of the early WRP authors, and this blog was barely underway when I signed on, not to mention I was overwhelmed with all the other activities of becoming an author -- writing blurbs, bios, finding pictures, not to mention reading and signing contracts! All new and exciting.

I have three short stories with The Wild Rose Press: "Words" and "Relationships" (my newest) are with the Champagne line, and "Out of Sight" is a Last Rose of Summer.

I've got my own blog, and a website -- again, new stuff for me. I hope you'll visit me in both places.

Drop by my Website--I'm having a contest. No purchase required. :-) And "Contests" is the topic for a 3-part series on my blog.

My website:
My blog: Terry's Place

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