Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Book Recommendation of the Week!

This week I’m starting a new weekly series on books I love. I will be recommending books that have really wowed me and gotten my attention.

I’m beginning this week with a sassy vintage novella Shoe-In For Love by Bronwyn Storm. This book is set in the ‘80s (Hello, can you say fun? Not to date myself, but I remember the big hair all too well!) and revolves around a shoe designer and very hot CEO.

Hmm, sexy shoes and a sexy man…what more could a girl want?

Shoe-In for Love
by Bronwyn Storm

For shoe designer Nessie Helph, 1984 is another year in the struggle to keep herself safe from her malicious supervisor, Grace Hart. Nessie’s problems worsen when she finds out the company, Victor & Victoria, has been sold to Leo Schumacher.

Known as “The Lumberjack,” Leo’s reputation for cutting costs and hacking jobs is legendary, but Nessie’s prepared for any contingency…except the effect he has on her heart. She may not be able to get her hair to feather like Heather Locklear’s, but surely she has the skills to win both her dream job and her dream man.

Is Nessie a shoe-in—er, shoo-in—for love, or will her efforts leave her heart sinking into the soles of her jelly sandals?


“I want to know why Archie was crying.”
Leo leaned back in his chair, his long legs grazing hers as a small smile twitched at the corners of his mouth. “I presume he was overcome by emotion.”
“But what kind of emotion?”
He shrugged. “I’m in no position to guess.”
“Of course you are.” His blasé response replaced her timidity with confidence. “You were in the office with him—surely you can take a guess at what made him cry.” The conviction of her words made her bend towards him.
Much to her surprise, he turned to face her, and leaned in until their faces were just a few inches apart. The indescribable scent of masculinity and power curled in sensual ribbons around her, binding her to the spot and holding her captive to Leo’s penetrating, sizzling gaze.
“When it comes to certain people,” he said, and his deep voice vibrated through her bones and made her atoms quiver, “I’m in no position to judge their emotions. I find these people endlessly fascinating. They arouse my—” His warm gaze drifted to her mouth, lingering there and sending a coil of heat spreading through her. “Curiosity.”

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Go check it out! And while you’re there, check out Bronwyn’s other books too :)


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