Sunday, February 20, 2011

Forget-Me-Not Is Available!

My new romantic suspense, Forget-Me-Not, is now available! Here's a new excerpt in honor of release day. It takes place at night at heroine's remote wilderness cabin, as she and the hero are returning from a day in town. They come home just in time to surprise an intruder:

The intruder bolted through the woods, snapping on a flashlight, the beam bouncing as he ran. Jacob plunged after him, tripping and swearing as branches caught at his clothes. In the clearings, some moonlight filtered through the clouds, but here amid the towering pines, the darkness was total except for the pinpoint of the intruder's flashlight. "Stop, or I'll fire!" Jacob shouted. He wouldn't fire unless he had to do so to protect his life or Lara's, but whoever he was chasing didn't know that. The intruder whirled, and the flashlight fell to the ground. Wisely, he’d decided to stumble through the dark rather than signal his location so clearly. 
Jacob stood for a moment, listening carefully, trying to get his bearings in the now total darkness. From behind him, a rustling sound set his senses on edge. Awareness prickled the back of his neck. He swiveled his head, trying to locate the direction of the sound. Was there another intruder he hadn't been away of? 
"Jacob?" A tremulous voice came from the same direction as the rustling. Relief seared through him as he recognized Lara's voice, followed quickly by frustration. Damn if the woman hadn't followed him into the woods! 
"Didn't I tell you to stay under the porch?" he hissed, pivoting to find her silhouette behind him.
"Why didn't you?"
"I was too scared," she admitted, fear plain in her voice. He felt some of his anger ease.
"Lie low, and don't move," he ordered her. Jacob listened, struggling to sense the location of his quarry by sound. He was straining so hard that when it exploded, the report of the pistol sounded like a cannon in the quiet woods. He ducked, only to hear the bullet strike the trunk of a nearby tree. A splinter from the impact struck him in the cheek, grazing his skin.

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