Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Moondrops...a dark family secret threatens to end their happily ever after


Published: 08/07/2013 by: Sarita Leone

A lifetime of struggling due to her father's poor decisions has left Elise Fulbright with no illusions about men. She's smart, independent, and determined not to rely on anyone--ever.

Hugh North has learned the bitter lesson that women will do anything to better their stations in life, so he steers clear of those who might see his title as a step up the societal ladder.

When an elderly benefactor pens a letter that throws them together, both are willing to reconsider their cynical viewpoints...until a dark family secret threatens to end their happily ever after before it can begin.

Rating: Sweet
Page Count: 106
Word Count: 26242
978-1-61217-828-8 Digital

He did not pause when he walked through a wide doorway into a small sitting room, so she didn’t, either. Unfortunately, she followed so closely on his heels that when he stopped she nearly barreled into his back.
Not the most polished way to make an entrance, she thought as her cheeks grew warm.

“The young lady with the letter, Madam.” The butler gestured Elise further into the room, then turned and left.

Her heart gave an unexpected thump in her chest when she saw the tall, handsome man crossing the room to greet her. The kind of man every woman dreams of but most rarely meet, he moved with fluidity and grace that reminded Elise of a jungle cat. A very large jungle cat. He stood a full head taller than she did, and she was forced to tilt her head back to meet his gaze.

He inclined his head, reached an arm out and, without touching her, drew her into the room and over to the hearth. An older woman stood before a low chair close to a crackling fire. Elise noticed the sewing basket beside the chair and felt an instant connection to its owner.

“You have come. I hoped you would, my dear.”

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