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In the questions in love and death, where does the truth lie?

Entangled Love by Cait Jarrod

Available on Ebook, Print, and Audio
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Emma James is on a mission to rebuild her life after the loss of her husband. When her childhood friend offers an innocent getaway to Santa Monica, she accepts thinking fun in the sun will be a great way to start fresh.
Retired professional skateboarder, Ryan Cross is a gorgeous, lovable, ladies’ man. With two skateboard parks and a fat bank account, he’s on top of his game. What could make him happier?
The love of his childhood friend.
Chaos and life-threatening obstacles have Ryan investigating Emma’s husband's death. When he discovers handwritten notes made by her late husband, he learns some friends can't be trusted. They will stop at nothing to get what they want, including putting Emma’s life in danger.

“WOW, you have to read this book! Cait Jarrod holds her readers by the throat, shakes, and confuses them, and just when you THINK figure out who did it, she throws you a curveball!!”
~Amazon reviewer

“ENTANGLED LOVE is a cunning story that leads you on a thrill of a chase to see who’s deceived who, and who will end up capturing Emma’s heart. Fast paced, lots of steam, full of quirky you won’t soon forget, nor is it one you’ll be able to put down.”
~DC Stone, award winning romantic suspense author

“Cait Jarrod’s latest novel has the mandatory sexy hero, strong heroine and great action. Add witty dialogue and loveable side characters with unexpected plot twists and you have another winner. ENTANGLED LOVE is a must-read for every HEA fan in Romantic Suspense. ”
~Aubrey Wynne, author

“Cait Jarrod has created a complicated world of secrets and intrigue that will keep the reader glued to the page. As each secret reveals, the story gets more complex instead of less until everything intertwines and wraps together at the end for a satisfying conclusion. This makes for a fun beach read, keeping you guessing and invested in the characters.”
~Katie O’Sullivan, author

“This book was so well written with many surprising twists that you won’t want to put it down because you will want to find out what happens next and what new characters will show up. Entangled Love impressed me in having everything! It has action, romance, humor and drama.

The characters are extremely well developed so you can’t help but like them. I especially liked Ryan. What a guy! Not only was he attractive and successful in his business, but was kind and compassionate. Perfect! The secondary characters added a lot to the suspense but Ryan’s butler, Niles, was hysterical! I liked that not all the characters were good guys. Warren was very bad, but this, again, helped the story be so interesting.”
~Amazon reviewer

Interview with Ryan Cross:
Today, I’m speaking with retired skateboarder, Ryan Cross to see if he’d be willing to be the hero of my upcoming book, Entangled Love.
We agreed to meet at a quaint bar not far from his home. Rudy’s, a log building with surrounding acreage, the structure looks like it belongs in the country instead of the metropolis of Los Angeles. Several tables are full. I decide to sit at the bar.
A barrel-chested man walks over to me and places a cocktail napkin on the counter. “Hello, there.” A smile stretches across his face. The man looks more like a football player than a bartender. Despite his overwhelming size, he makes me feel welcome and lessens the nervousness I always feel before asking someone if they want to open up their life for the world to read.
“What may I get you?”
I’m thinking beer, but would wine be more appropriate? Maybe I shouldn’t drink at all? Heck, who am I kidding? I’d love a beer. “Blue Moon, thank you.”
“Put her beer on my tab. I’d like a Corona,” a baritone voice booms from behind me.
A golden-haired man with intriguing green eyes stretches out his hand. “Ryan Cross.”
The bartender, standing a few inches taller than Ryan, eyes him, nods, and walks away without responding.
I accept Ryan’s hand. “Cait Jarrod. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”
“You, too.”
The bartender returns with the order and places the drinks in front of us before moving to help another customer, still not speaking. Odd.
“So, you want to do a story about me?”
“Yes. I’ve read about you on the internet, see that you have skateboarding parks and you do charity work.”
“Is that all you’ve read?”
I wonder if he’s referring to the multiple pictures of him with different women. “Just about, yes.”
He hesitates, so I add, “I thought you’d be the perfect hero for an upcoming book – a charming, generous athlete who gives back to his community. Perfect.”
The bartender scuffs and pushes through the swinging doors.
“Didn’t you say the story was for a romance?”
I hadn’t decided on a specific category, maybe contemporary or romantic suspense. My fingers will decide as the story develops. No matter what, the plot will be an engaging love story. “Yes, romance.”
He laughs. “You haven’t seen the photos on the internet. No woman is pictured with me twice.” He pauses, wipes his face, and swallows some beer. “Almost no one.”
I saw the images of him and a beautiful, blue-eyed blonde. She’s gorgeous enough to be an actress while having the down-home presence of being your best friend. Someone you’d instantly like.
The expression on his face stops me from inquiring more. “There’s always hope,” I say tongue and cheek. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said that.”
He raised a hand. “No. No worries.
I cringe. The conversation isn’t going in the direction I want it to. “Yes, but I didn’t mean to imply.”
He sighed. “The thing is you’re right.”
“Then I have your permission?”
“You do. I just hope you get the story you’re after.”
I let out a breath. For a minute, I thought he’d say no. I have my next story. “Thank you.”

Releasing soon: Triple Jeopardy

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Cait Jarrod, Romance on the edge


Cait Jarrod said...

Thanks for hosting me!!!

Beautiful Disaster said...

This book certainly sounds like it will keep my attention. I'm looking forward to reading Cait's books as I haven't read anything by her yet :)

Harlie Williams said...

Love the trailer and you have me intrigued. You are a new to me author and I love that. :)

Congratulations on the release, too.


Harlie Williams said...

I'm not sure I would survive being buried alive. I would try to dig out for sure.


Harlie Williams said...
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miriamsmith said...

Terrific interview and trailer.

Buried alive? Huh. I don't know what I'd do after the initial panic and pity party ended. I would hope I'd try to find a way out without killing myself in the process.

Lynn Reynolds said...

Buried Alive! What would I do to survive? Take a hint from Mythbusters. Make sure I have plenty of duct tape.

rbooth43 said...

I would fight to the bitter end!