Friday, April 17, 2015

My Writing Abode by Linda Nightingale

My Writing Abode

I recently moved to the Burbs—a suburb of Houston—from a condo in the Medical Center to a house. With four books out, one soon to be released by The Wild Rose Press and another under contract with TWRP, I feel like my office is now an author’s den. I have a bookcase and filing cabinet, a desk with a laptop and an additional filing cabinet on top of which is the printer. Totally out of character is an old cedar chest which belonged to my mother, housing some quilts that she handmade. Truth is, I had no other place in the house for it, but it is too dear to part with.

On the walls are colored prints of three angels done by Ruth Thompson: Michael, Gabriel, and Uriel. Long ago, I bought these at a sci-fi con. See why they can be inspiring?!

So, in this room overlooking my backyard, I write books and copy for an advertising agency. I even have a title with the agency, Content Strategist, but I have the luxury of working from home in my robe and slippers!

The book soon to be released is Love For Sale—sentient androids, completely humanlike, programmed for love. We are in edits on my book about the horsy set called Gambler’s Choice, a gothic romantic suspense. Gambler’s Choice is the name of the horse in the book, but the name comes from a class in horse shows. The class is a timed event and at the end of all the riders’ rounds, the fences are raised for those riding a clean round (didn’t knock down any fences). I’m very excited about both books and am happy to be a Rose.

Please visit my new and improved website for a continuing free read called Vampyre Interlude. You can find me on Twitter at @LNightingale. Visit my blog at . I have some interesting guests who usually give away great prizes, including gift cards.

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Mary Marvella said...

I can't wait to see your new home!