Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Interview with Christian Aguillard, Hero of Love for Sale

Hello everyone!

I am talking with Christian Aguillard, the hero in my upcoming fantasy romance, Love for Sale.

1. Christian, how did you meet our heroine, March Morgan, since she lives in Houston and you hail from England?
March saw Mayfair Electronic’s small classified ad in a women’s journal and booked an appointment to meet the others and me.

2. Tell us about your interesting secret.
I am a sentient android created by Mayfair Electronics, Ltd., Dover Street, London and called the Special Editions. My siblings and I are indistinguishable from human and are sold as companions. We’re programmed to love, honor and obey, more or less. With me, no programming was necessary. The first time I saw March, I was immediately in love. I’m very fortunate indeed that she chose me and signed on the dotted line to make her man payment, as she says. I could have been programmed for another but never with the simple feeling that struck my heart when I walked into that room, and March faced me. We both froze, gazing into each other’s eyes.

3. I take it then that you have emotions—feelings like the human being you replicate.
Yes, very much so. And those feelings can be hurt, just as your feelings can be hurt. For all intents and purposes, we are human.

4. Why isn’t Mayfair doing a high profile advertising campaign to promote and sell the Special Editions? I’m sure there are many—I for one—who’d love the opportunity to have such a companion.
We’re being placed in a process rather like adoption because the populace at large isn’t ready to accept another life form, as it were . If we were public knowledge, there’d be the usual hue and cry, doubtless to say more than the protests against cloning. Companions custom-programmed for love and devotion would threaten the tenuous relationships between men and women everywhere, don’t you think?

5. Yes, I do agree, but it’s such a crime that those who’d love that special someone are missing the opportunity because they don’t know that such a companion exists.
Sad for both our kind and yours. At birth, a distinct personality is instilled in each of us. When we go with our companion, intricate data from a personal questionnaire completed by the applicant is fed into our memory banks, then being incorporated into that personality.

6. You are fascinating and simply perfect. I’ll sign on the dotted line.
There are five female and five male models. One of us would probably suit you. The males are Trevor, Stuart, Marcus, Daniel and Christian. The females are Monica, Dawn, Georgia, Marguerite and Samantha. We range in height, coloring and other physical features—women’s breasts, etc. and the male’s equipment—which are customized for each purchaser.

7. Tell us a little about the story of March and Christian.
I expected Utopia. I was in love, and it was obvious the feeling was mutual. I wasn’t prepared for the real world, and far too soon internal and external forces threatened our happiness…indeed our lives.

8. Like Mayfair Electronics, The Wild Rose Press is offering Love for Sale. Watch for this story’s release soon. We don’t have a cover yet, but here’s a tantalizing picture of Christian.

Thanks to Christian! Looking forward to meeting you soon in Love for Sale!
Available June 10th!
Linda Nightingale

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