Friday, November 06, 2015

Interview of Dougal MacBride from Timeless Passion

Today I’m interviewing Dougal MacBride from Timeless Passion a time travel erotic romance avail November 13.
“Dougal thanks for letting me interview you today.”
“Thank ye for having me.”
“Would you tell us a little about yourself?”
“I be the blacksmith at the Barkerville Pioneer Village.”
“How did you become a blacksmith?”
“I served a seven year apprentice with a very good smithy. He taught me everything I know. He even taught me sums.”
“I see. What do you think of Tasha Banner as your boss?”
“She be a good-hearted woman. She’s concerned about the village making enough money to survive.”
“And I hear you had quite a hand in saving the village. Would you like to tell us how?”
“I be making nail rings for schools. I be making horseshoes too. And nails, hinges, handles, barrel hoops. Everything that be made of iron I be making. And Tasha be making sure they are in the emporium for all our visitors to buy.”
“Tell me about the boss lady.”
“Tasha be right pretty and smart too. She keeps everything right as rain.”
“And what do you think of her personally?”
“I donna know what ye mean?”
“Do you like her?”
“Aye, she be quite a lass. When she smiles her eyes be lighting up and making me glad I be her man.”
“Do you always get along?”
“She be a feisty one all right, but she be a delight in me arms.”
“Well Dougal, thanks for being here with us today.”
“Thank ye for asking me.”

Kayden Claremont

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