Monday, June 27, 2016

Five Questions for Author Jacki Moss

Jacki Moss is author of With A Bullet, the first book in the Music City Mysteries.

QUESTION 1: Since With A Bullet is set in the Deep South and Nashville, is it Southern Lit?
JACKI: Absolutely! I don’t know how With A Bullet could get any more Southern. I was born in Atlanta, grew up in the Deep South, the locale of the book is Southern, and it’s based on Southern characters. I wouldn’t know how to write it any other way.

People from the South will immediately see its authenticity, both in locale, and in the characters. People not from the South will get to know us better, and hopefully, learn to love the South like we do.

QUESTION 2: Who is your favorite character in With A Bullet?
JACKI: Honestly, there’s a difference in who my favorite character is – as in who do I personally like the best – and my favorite character to write.
The person who I’d like to hang out with, who I’d probably be friends with is Cafton, the protagonist. He’s complex, intelligent, and a bit mysterious. I like that he is sort of an enigma.

But I loved writing about Bynum’s grandmother, Nellie, because she is somewhat based on my own grandmother, who I loved very much. I have a deep well from which to draw to develop her character. Whatever situation I want to bring to life, I usually have something I remember about my grandmother that I can use to give it that feel of authenticity and to keep the character in truth.

QUESTION 3: With A Bullet pulls back the red curtain on the country music industry and gives the reader a glimpse behind the scenes. Are those peeks based on actual events or people?
JACKI: Yes and no. The country music industry is like any other business. It has good guys and bad guys. But ultimately, it is a business. Living around Nashville for so long and getting to know people in the business end of the industry, I got some eye-opening insight as to how the industry creates stars, music, and money. I used that understanding to create new story lines that are plausible. I also peppered throughout the book some real Nashville history, music industry history, locations, and landmarks to keep it as authentic as possible.

QUESTION 4: Is Nashville as interesting as it seems on television shows?
JACKI: Oh, yes! Even more so. Nashville is an absolute jewel. Although we’re best known for country music, Nashville is actually a major player in all genres of music. That’s why it’s called Music City USA. Any given day, you can find live music including country, blues, jazz, and rock playing in clubs. We also have one of the best symphonies in the country.

And, as you may know, we are also very active in film and television.

Nashville is driven equally by creatives and business people. We are comprised of a wide variety of ethnicities and cultures that bring their own uniqueness to the town. We welcome all comers. The old joke is that no one is a native Nashvillian. The truth is that Nashville embraces everyone who chooses to come here as if they are native.

So it’s no surprise that Nashville is one big, small community. We are supportive of each other, we embrace creativity and diversity, and we always come to the aid of one another in a crisis.

When Nashville was hit with a once-in-a-century flood in 2010, people from every neighborhood and income bracket stepped up to help people and their animals in flooded areas get to safety and try to save as many of their possessions as possible. Country music stars didn’t just give a concert to raise money for flood victims, many actually worked alongside everyone else, up to their asses in nasty water, doing real labor helping perfect strangers. We’re a community, not just a city of strangers.

As a major business city, Nashville is home to some of the world’s top headquarters and manufacturers ranging from retail to healthcare and automobiles.

QUESTION 5: What’s next in the Music City Mysteries?
JACKI: The next book in the Music City Mysteries is with my editor right now. It includes most of the characters you love in With A Bullet, like Cafton and Bynum, and also brings in a new, very interesting, recurring character I believe you’ll like as much as I do.

I’ll post on my website (, Twitter (@jackimoss1), Facebook (Jacki Moss – Author), and blog ( when I reveal the cover and know the publish date.

Until then, thanks for following Cafton and the Music City Mysteries.

Jacki Moss,