Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Meet Ike McAlister, from The Reckoning

Blog: Ike, except for the war, you’ve always been in Kansas. What brings you to Colorado?
Ike: Feels like I wore my welcome out back there.
Blog: There’s rumors that you were a vigilante after the war.
Ike: Why would I be a vigilante? Just because Quantrill’s murderers killed my folks? And no one ever brought them to justice? Does that seem like a good enough reason to exact revenge?
Blog: Are you asking me what I’d do in the same situation?
Ike: Not really. Doesn’t matter to me what you’d do.
Blog: It’s obvious I’ve touched a nerve.
Ike: Anything else or are we done here?
Blog: Yes, there is. I heard that your sister recently disappeared here in Cottonwood. Do you have any clues about what happened to her?
Ike: She can take care of herself. Always has been able to do that.
Blog: Does that mean you’re not looking for her?
Ike: I’m looking for her. I’ll find her.
Blog: What if she’s…
Ike: Next question.
Blog: Back to my first question. What brought you and her out here?
Ike: And my brother Rob. We’re just looking for a good place to make a new start.
Blog: The word I hear around Cottonwood is that you’re looking for s
Ike: I’m looking to make things right. Anything wrong with that?
omething, but it’s not a new place to start.
Blog: So it’s true. You think your folks’ killers are here in Cottonwood, don’t you?
Ike: Hard to say.
Blog: Do you think your sister’s disappearance is connected to your search for them?
Ike: I’m about to find that out or die trying. End of interview.

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