Sunday, August 23, 2020

New Romance and Fiction In The Garden


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When a band of demonic predators creep into the quiet town of Sterling Springs, women start dying. Their first attack leaves one child without a mother, and Marie Durrant throws out her predictable lifestyle to become the little girl's nanny. It's a big enough step for the virtual shut in, but even more difficult when she becomes attracted to the mysterious widowed father.

Quenton Blake, an extra hunky, extra irritated immortal, is cursed to seek out those desperate for inspiration and feed on their souls.

To make matters worse, women continue to disappear, pitting Marie and Quenton in a tug of war for his daughter's safety, the truth about the murders, and a growing attraction that threatens to destroy any chance of conquering the predators.
High school junior Paulie Passero considers himself a social misfit. He is sixteen years old and has never had the courage to ask a girl out on a date. He thinks he's a poor excuse for the average male...until he experiences something far worse.
Paulie witnesses an unspeakable act by a member of the football team under the bleachers one afternoon. The star linebacker threatens him with physical harm if he tells anyone what he has seen. Paulie is at a crossroads. Should he protect a girl's reputation? Or defer to the oversize bully intimidating him? Dating has suddenly taken a back seat to this new dilemma.
Hayes Stark, lead singer for the band Full Metal, wants sultry bandmate Charm Belrose in his bed—yesterday.

Charm uses men to get what she wants, but her growing desire for Hayes has her on a collision course with career suicide.

When their bickering and fighting transforms into a lusty rendezvous, they must decide whether to follow their hearts or risk their careers.
That old denim purse Libby Dawson bought at the thrift store isn't your run-of-the-mill teenage tote. It's a bag of secrets, imbued with supernatural powers. Strange items keep turning up inside, clues to a decades-old mystery only Libby can solve.

Filled with apprehension and yet intrigued by the mounting pile of evidence, Libby digs for the truth. And eventually finds it. But the story of the purse is darker than she imagined—and its next horrific chapter is going to be all about her.
The teenage son of a hetaera (woman of pleasure), Pheidippides and his beautiful young mother are not recognized as citizens of ancient Athens. Yet he is enchanted with the essence of the grand city-state and all the promise it holds. His short daily runs are on mere delivery errands, but he aspires to one day be among the elite foot couriers who run up to fifty miles on vital missions of state. When an impending invasion from faraway Persia, the world's most powerful empire—led by a temperamental tyrant bent on destroying democracy—threatens Athens and the entire land of squabbling Greek city-states, Pheidippides must undertake a grueling solitary trek to outrun enemy ships heading for his beloved city. Chased by assassins over a distance more than four times his usual runs, can he save Athens and its fledgling democratic ideals...and at what cost?
Lilith Griffen survived an attack that left her scarred and disfigured. She's now a successful landscape designer with a shot at winning a competition that could give her a financial boost . She just needs a landscape crew. Her father hires Dillan Lyall—a man with a past that's as complicated as hers. She reluctantly accepts Dillan's help. When a body is found in the middle of her labyrinth, she's glad for his presence. Will she learn to trust again, or will time run out for both of them?         

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