Thursday, June 29, 2006

Stop and Smell the Roses

I know, how can a writer use such a cliché for a title? Well, sometimes if the garden shoe fits then you have to where it. Stop and smell the roses is perfect for my post today because so many wonderful things are happening here at The Wild Rose Press, you just have to stop in for a look.

To begin with, and a personal biggy, my new release is now available:

The Theory of Love

Abbey’s doubts about her friend’s sparks and fireworks theory only grow when a set-up date turns into a no-show dud. Vowing never to let her friend set her up again, the last thing she expects is a jean-clad dancing plant putting the theory to the test.

Oh, but that’s not all...

For readers: New books have been added and are just waiting for you to enjoy as part of your summer reading.

For writers: Submission guidelines available, visit The Greenhouse for informative articles, or enter the First Annual Premiere Rose Bouquet Contest!

For everyone: Did I mention the wonderful selection of books? There’s a really good, short, fun and flirty one out called The Theory of Love...did I mention this one yet? Plus, there is a forum to talk to authors and other readers like yourselves and now you can also get The Wild Rose Press merchandise! Yes, shirts, mugs, hats, stickers, book bags--it’s all there waiting for you.

And don’t forget to sign up for our Newsletter to stay up to date on all the wonderful events blooming in our garden.

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