Saturday, October 21, 2006

Stress, Thy Name is Woman!

Why do women think we can do it all? And when we have a hard time getting it all perfect, what's the result? STRESS! I think I've set myself up in this position where I have to be the one who reminds everyone of what they have to do: Do your homework, brush your teeth, take out the trash, and a million other commands. I think I need a Mommy telling me what to tell them sometimes! Right now I'm juggling plans for my daughter's upcoming Bat Mitzvah, a houseful of out of town guests, ordering food for the parties, family events, getting my own family outfitted. Aside from all the peripheral things that go with that event, I'm sucking in a deep breath and plunging into the role of President of my local Romance Writers chapter. Then I have to fit in a part-time job, all my writing/critiquing responsibilities and plan for an out of town trip to help my parents move a week after the Bat Mitzvah! Oh, yeah - then there's the holiday shopping I've yet to start. No wonder my heart's beating a mile a minute.
The bright spot right now is going to be the time I spend with friends and family. And the writing gives me lots of pleasure. I've just sold another short story to The Wild Rose Press - a holiday piece titled, Cinderella Tannenbaum. I know I'll come through this super-busy time a stronger person with a few more gray hairs. No problem - I'm still at the plucking stage with them!

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