Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Proclamations and a hello!

Hi all, this is my first blog on The Wild Rose Press Blog and I'm pleased to be here. I've recently contracted with TWRP for a few short stories. The first to be released is called Proclamations and it'll be available for purchase on Friday, November 10th. It's an American Rose, the story of love amidst the turmoil of the Civil War. A blurb? Oh, sure, I just happen to have a blurb. I'm so glad someone asked! Here goes, a blurb: The War Between the States has been raging for two long years. In Virginia in 1863 Jolene Crane misses her fiancĂ©e, Nate, more than words can say. Every moment that she’s not busy taking care of household chores or working at the hospital, she’s consumed by her longing for the man who holds her heart.
When Abraham Lincoln signs a proclamation declaring the fourth Thursday in November a day to be celebrated joyfully and thankfully, Jolene is determined not to celebrate the day. After all, what has she got to be thankful for? And the only proclamations that come to mind have all to do with the losses they’ve suffered and little to do with celebrating.
But when a new wave of soldiers arrives at the hospital on the day before the holiday, Jolene just may find that she does, in fact, have something to celebrate. A cover? Oh, sure, I've got a swell cover, courtesy of RJ! Would you like to see it? Sure, hang on a sec... there you go, that's the cover, up at the top. Isn't it beautiful? So there you have it, my first Wild Rose Press release, available in a few days. And my first TWRP blog, available now. :-) Thanks for letting me chat with you--I hope to do plenty more of it in the future.


Carol Ann Erhardt said...

Hi Sarita! Welcome, and thanks for posting the blurb and cover. Wow! The first American Rose cover I've seen and it's gorgeous! Storyline sounds interesting, too. Congrats!

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