Monday, November 27, 2006

Time for a Christmas Story!

Excerpt: "Not Your Momma's Reindeer Games" from TRUE TALES OF CHRISTMAS TOWN

Each year, Santa Claus grants each of his children their own special wish for Christmas. In this scene, Noel, who wants to be called Leon and be # 1 on the Naughty List, is playing poker with some of his buddies. His sister, Christmas Spirit known to the family as Krista, has invaded the all male game to try to talk him into using his Christmas wish for peace on earth, rather than the more selfish wish of the new motorcycle he’s decided he wants.

“Not Your Momma’s Reindeer Games”


True Tales of Christmas Town

Unedited, may differ from the final product available December, 2006 from The Wild Rose Press ( © 2006 by The Wild Rose Press and Betty Hanawa

“But, Noel, please think about it. If we all wish for peace on Earth this Christmas, maybe Father will have enough magic to make it happen.”

Leon set his cigar down and grabbed the trash can. The retching noises he made echoed in the small room.


“Damn, if I wanted to hear that, I would have stayed home tonight.”

“Does this mean the game is over?”

“Oh, Noel, I hope you’re not coming down with the flu like so many in Christmas Town.”

Krista’s sweet sympathy almost made his stomach turn for real.

“Nope, just your give whirled peas a chance made me sick to my stomach.” He thrust the wastebasket with nothing in it but a couple of beer cans under her face.

She jumped back, then peered inside. She lifted her head and, for a second, Leon saw a flare of anger on his normally unflappable, always sweet sister’s face. Then her smile reappeared and her partially closed fist eased into a pat on his shoulder.

“Your jokes are awful, Noel.” Her laughter pealed like bells.

“Go away, Krista,” Leon repeated. “We’re got a game to concentrate on.”

“Alright, but at least promise me you’ll think about using your Christmas wish to help someone else.”

“Bet,” the dealer said.



“Bet’s to you, Leon.”

“Fine, Krista. I promise. Now will you leave?” Leon shoved a pile of chips into the pot. “Raise.”

Christmas Spirit leaned over and kissed his cheek. “Have a good game. Oh, gee, Noel, you’ve got nothing but pretty hearts in your hand.”

“Fold, fold, fold,” echoed around the table from the other players while Krista gently shut the door behind her.

© 2006 by The Wild Rose Press and Betty Hanawa

Tales From Christmas Town is the story of Santa Claus' adult children and their bumbling quests to find true love. When Santa and all of Christmas Town come down with the flu, his children have to step up and take over the "business". Jack Frost gets involved, a few innocent mortals, and Santa’s motorcycle riding son Noel, who prefers to be called Leon. This four story anthology features authors Roni Adams, Allie Standifer, Bev Oz, and Betty Hanawa.

PRINT ISBN 1-60154-023-X available in ebook from The Wild Rose Press ( and in print from

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