Sunday, May 24, 2009

New Release: Bestial Cravings by Dayana Knight

Hello, everyone!

I am very excited to announce that my third release is forthcoming on Wednesday, May 27th here at The Wild Rose Press.

Bestial Cravings is a stand alone short companion story contained within my Roma Wolf Tales Series. It also serves to introduce some new characters into the mix with Pita, Niko, Sasha, Tomas, et al:)

I am currently working on Book II of the series, and for all of you who aren't familiar with my first book, Curse of the Marhime is the first in the series and is available here at the TWRP.

For more information on these and more of my antics please visit me at my website or blog. I'd love to have you drop in, and I welcome any authors out there who would like to do guest spots on my blog to promote yourselves as well your upcoming and existing releases. Please email me privately at any time and we can set up a date for your appearance/interview. I am more than happy to help promote my friends and peers at anytime.

Bestial Cravings Blurb:
Vesta Johns has everything going for her—except her health. Desperate to find the answers to her lethargy and her insatiable desire for raw meat and sex, she seeks out the help of her doctor, but Dr. Cohen can give her no answers.
Or can she?
Torrence Simiene is a medical consultant with a unique specialization. As an alpha werewolf, it’s been his job to aid Dr. Cohen’s distinctive patients through their transition from human to shifter, for years. This time, however, it’s different. Vesta arouses his primal lust, and he’s having a hard time keeping her at a distance.
Will the doctor’s plan of care offer the ultimate cure for Tor and Vesta’s bestial cravings , or further drive them apart?

He smiled and turned to her. “Do I make you uncomfortable?”
“No. It’s just…well…it’s more the opposite, really.” She gave him a sexy, little, side glance. “It’s like I belong with you. Like I’ve been waiting for you. But in the same token, the feeling makes me question it.” She stared into the empty hearth for a long minute.
Tor wondered if she would say anything else. His lust for her became increasingly more uncomfortable by the minute, and he needed to get away from her but he also needed to taste her lips just once before he left, though deep down he knew once wouldn’t be enough.

Please join me at Catherine Bybee's blog on Friday, May 29th. Catherine is always mighty successful at getting info you might not normally share, LOL

Dayana Knight
Paranormal and Erotic Romance

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