Wednesday, May 27, 2009

New Release: My Heart Will Find Yours

My Heart Will Find Yours
My time travel set in 1880s Waco, Texas was released May 1, 2009. This book was such a joy to write. So much so that I completed the manuscript in three months. Now, I did have lots of edits, made changes, etc., but the characters called to me making the words flow from my fingertips onto the page.
I hope you'll pick up a copy and you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed putting the words to paper.
Love Western Romances gave My Heart Will Find Yours a 5 Spur Review. You can read the review at
Happy Reading and Writing!
Linda LaRoque ~ Western Romance with a Twist in Time.
Forever Faithful, Investment of the Heart, When the Ocotillo Bloom, 7-09, Champagne Books; A Law of Her Own, Desires of the Heart, My Heart Will Find Yours, Flames on the Sky 10-23-09 from TWRP.

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