Sunday, October 17, 2010


Kiss of the Silver Wolf will be out this Wednesday, 10-20-10. This werewolves meets X-files story will steam up your Kindle, Nook and computer monitors. Here's the blurb and an excerpt.

When Charlene Johnson’s parents die in a single-car accident, she’s left behind as guardian for her severely disabled older brother. When her father’s death is ruled a suicide she is forced to move to the sleepy rural town of Eden, Kentucky, the very place her mother always warned her about.

From the moment Zack Abingdon sees Charlene, he knows she’s the one. Despite the electrifying bond between them Charlene senses things are not all what they seem. Secrets within secrets unfold, and ultimately Charlene has to make a life and death decision between rejecting her true nature and accepting her place within the wolf pack.

(Pages 106) Spicy


Her voice came out in a husky tone. “Guess it’s just you and me. Would you like some apple pie? Or cake? I seem to have enough for two. Or two hundred.”

Zack gave her a long, lazy smile that made her breath catch and said, “I was hoping for a taste of something else.”

Heat raced up her neck and face, and she could barely whisper, “Applesauce?”

He put his arms around her waist, pulled her snugly against his chest and brushed her lips with his. “You,” he breathed. “I want to taste you.”

She ran her tongue along his luscious lower lip. “Like that?”

He growled and pressed her up against a wall.

Deep within she felt a primal stirring, an almost animal urge to throw him down to the floor and tear at his clothes. Her rational self wondered what she-beast he had awakened, but her inner wild woman said, Shut up and enjoy the ride! Charlene pawed at his shirt, the buttons eluding her fevered grasp. Frustrated and crazed with lust, she yelped, “Take the damn shirt off!”

He stepped away from her, grinned and began to undo the buttons at a leisurely pace. “Am I going too slowly for you?”

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Laura Kaye said...

Sounds delicious, Sharon! Congratulations on your release!