Wednesday, December 01, 2010

new review for Muddy Waters!

Exciting news!!!
I just received a glowing review for Muddy Waters, my October 2010 romantic suspense release from The Wild Rose Press. Perhaps the most poignant phrase was what the reviewer said in her remarks before the email.

"Muddy Waters was a great read, and I can't help but think of it time after time even after I'm done. " Steph Burkhart, author of science fiction and suspense

Here are snips from her review:

"Toussaint crafts an edge of your seat romantic suspense with Muddy Waters."

"Toussaint's writing is crisp and easy to read. The plot is tight, filled with plenty of twists and turns that keep the reader on their toes. One of the most endearing aspects of the story is how Toussaint captures the authenticity of small town America, giving delicious depth to the setting and characters. Mossy Bog is full of wonderful characters and the supporting cast shines. "

"Muddy Waters is a thrilling kayak ride full of suspense and romance!"

I couldn't be more pleased with her thoughts on Muddy Waters!

Maggie Toussaint


Jill James said...

Congratulations on an excellent review.

Ian said...

good post bravo