Sunday, December 12, 2010

Review for ADAM'S TREASURE by Diane Wylie

Siren Book Reviews

Rating: 4 1/2 siren stones

"Adam’s Treasure was a wonderful cloak and dagger style story set among the upheaval of the aftermath of the Civil War. James Bond style his and her spies, Adam and Marilla penetrate a secret society, Knights of the Golden Circle, who are bent upon restoring the South to its former glory and ousting the current government of the United States of America. Pinkerton agents, Adam and Marilla, must decode a treasure map and discover the hidden gold before the Golden Circle can use it to buy their way back into power.

Ms. Wylie’s story was great fun and a good all around read. Anyone that favours conspiracy, treasure hunting, mystery novels will enjoy Adam’s Treasure. The story flowed nicely from start to finish and I would definitely recommend it."

Reviewed by Rhonda Callum-King

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Nicole MacDonald said...

Okay possibly inappropriate but wow did that cover draw me in *hee* totally ogling right now!!

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