Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Release Day: The Beast's Redemption

I've always admired adaptions and inspired by stories - when they are done well. There's something about taking elements or an overall story and making it your own which inspires and challenges my creativity.

The Beast's Redemption is one of those stories. A modern retelling of the Beauty and the Beast story. TBR is more of an "inspired" by story since it isn't a retelling, but contains elements from the original fairy tale.

One element I enjoyed playing with is the rose. Three roses appear and play an important part in The Beast's Redemption.

The Beast's Redemption by Angie Derek. A miniature rose from the Black Rose line. 

Cursed shape shifter, Alexander LĂ©andre, is resigned to his fate, but that doesn’t stop him from hunting down the descendants of the sorceress who bewitched him in hopes of obtaining a cure.

Belle Beaumont is used to men never looking past her curvy figure and pretty face. She dutifully agrees to befriend Alexander in order to protect her father’s herbal company.

A single touch changes all. Passions flare. When Belle discovers what Alexander is truly after and why, will she accept him for what he is? And will her love and family knowledge be enough to break a hundred-year-old curse?

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Jojo P. said...

The picture quality is perfect, the colors are vibrant! This might be an awesome story..