Monday, October 03, 2011

Reviews for "Across the Winds of Time"

My newest release, "Across the Winds of Time," celebrates the last few years where I lived in the Midwest.  Many of my ancestors are buried there.  
Who wouldn't love to have a "helpless" nineteenth century man fall right into one's lap? I know I would!! If you can't "do," you write books. So, that's what I did...while I'm waiting for my nineteenth century man to travel forward in time for me.... :-)  You can read the blurb and excerpt at the following link.
And here are the links to two very lovely reviews for "Across the Winds of Time!"  Please follow the links for the full reviews...
"Ms. McBride writes with her usual flair and unique spin on time travel.  The reader is genuinely satisfied with the quirks and awkwardness expected with the 100 year age time difference...."
I have to say that Ms. McBride has outdone herself yet again. I love her creative storylines and her well developed characters. She created such an engrossing story that I found myself hanging onto her every word and I eagerly couldn’t wait to see what happened next for Molly, Sara and Darius.

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