Thursday, January 30, 2014

February Romances In The Garden

New Romance and Fiction coming this February to the Garden.

Mr. August
Jan Romes
Release Date 2-5-2014

April Love
Golden Decade of Rock and Roll
Nancy Fraser
Release Date: 2-5-2014

When Swallows Fall
Gloria Davidson Marlow
Release Date 2-7-2014

Wallpaper with Roses
Jenny Andersen
Release Date: 2-7-2014

Ask Nothing in Return
Jane Drager
Release Date 2-7-2014

Tamed by the Fire
Maxine Mansfield
Release Date 2-7-2014

The Witch's Thief
The Merriweather Witches
Tricia Schneider
Release Date 2-12-2014

Only If You Dare
Dearly Beloved
Margo Hoornstra
Release Date 2-12-2014

Voodoo Dreams
The Pittsburgh Lady Lawyers Series
Alana Lorens
Release Date 2-14-2014

Doralynn Kennedy
Release Date: 2-14-2014

Suicide Kings
Christopher J. Ferguson
Release Date: 2-14-2014

Cara O'Shea's Return
Small Town New England
Mackenzie Crowne
Release Date 2-19-2014

Medium Rare: Dead Man Talking
Medium Rare Series
Michelle Witvliet
Release Date 2-19-2014

Helen C. Johannes
Release Date 2-21-2014

A Tarnished Knight
Kathy Otten
Release Date: 2-21-2014

A Risk Worth Taking
Melissa Klein
Retail 2-21-2014

Tattoos and Tangles
Melinda A. Di Lorenzo
Release Date 2-26-2014

Training Travis
Cathleen Tully
Release Date: 2-26-2014

Alpha Mine
The Alpha Council Chronicles
Brenda Sparks
Release Date 2-28-2014

Once There Were Sad Songs
Velda Brotherton

Release Date 2-28-2014

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