Friday, January 03, 2014

Interview with Sam Mackenzie, hero in The Black Palmetto By Paul Carr

Interview with Sam Mackenzie, hero in The Black Palmetto
By Paul Carr

Today I’m doing a phone interview with Sam Mackenzie, hired gun in the three mystery thrillers, Long Way Down, The Cayman Switch, and just released from The Wild Rose Press, The Black Palmetto.

Paul: In your latest adventure, The Black Palmetto, you seem to have stepped in some potholes in the Florida Keys. You know how to attract trouble, don’t you?
Sam: You’re the one who sent me down there. It should have been simple, but things never seem to turn out that way with you at the controls.

Paul: Simple? That would be a pretty dull trip to the Keys wouldn’t it? And I did send Simone your way.Sam: I suppose pairing me up with a beautiful woman for a partner does redeem you a little. Not only beautiful, though, she’s also tough. You really don’t want to cross her.

Paul: You get along well?
Sam: Sure. I work at it. She’s the best, and nice on the eyes.

Paul: Sounds like there’s some attraction there.
Sam: Oh, yeah.

Paul: The feeling’s mutual?
Sam: Mind your own business.

Paul: I’ll take that as a NO.
Sam: Hey, smart guy, you better stick to the keyboard and keep your opinions to yourself.

Paul: Okay, touchy subject. Let’s talk about something else. Tell me about Jackson Craft. Is he up to his same old dirty tricks?
Sam: Any way you slice it, Jack is a devious guy. But he is a confidence man.

Paul: He’s your friend, too, right?
Sam: I guess the jury’s still out on that one.

Paul: I know he gives you a lot of grief, so why do you put up with him?
Sam: Good question. I’ve asked myself the same thing many times. He’s my neighbor at the marina, and it’s usually pretty interesting when he stops around for a drink. Even if he has something up his sleeve. Definitely not a dull guy, though.

Paul: What about John Templeton Smith III, J.T. as you call him. How do you trust that guy? He’d probably steal you last dime if he got the chance.
Sam: Hmm, J.T.’s a computer wizard, and pretty good with a gun, too.

Paul: So you trust him?
Sam: Let’s just say I keep an eye on my dimes when he’s around, but true genius is hard to come by, so it’s usually worth the risk.

Paul: Usually? That sounds like he might have burned you before.
Sam: I don’t gossip. Move on to the next question.

Paul: Okay, tell me more about this new adventure, and Simone.
Sam: Simone’s ex-CIA and now a contractor. She’s hired to go after this guy who stole something important from a government research facility, and she brings me in as a partner. We track the guy to Iguana Key and the trail goes cold. That’s when the murders start.

Paul: And?
Sam: Sorry, that’s all you get.

Paul: You don’t say much, do you?
Sam: Sometimes it’s better to keep your mouth shut. You know the rest of the story. If you want to blab it, that’s up to you.

Paul: All right, then. But at least tell us about the homeless guy, Harpo Crumm.
Sam: Now there’s a strange dude. The lights are on, but somebody else is home.

Paul: You mean he’s nuts.
Sam: He does seem to be on a different frequency than the rest of us. The thing is, he seems to know stuff that might help find our guy, so who am I to judge?

Paul: Can you tell us anything else.
Sam: Forget it. (clink)

Paul: Sam? Sam? You there? Guess we’ll need to read the book.

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Robena Grant said...

Fabulous, Paul. Really enjoyed the phone interview. : )

LaVerne Clark said...

Hahaha - Oh, I love Sam already :) Great interview, Paul! I'm looking forward to reading his story.