Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A Winter's Tale: Ghost of Winters Past

With the winter Olympics fresh in our minds, it's a great time to curl up with a frosty novel of romantic suspense. Set in the wilderness of northern New Brunswick, Canada, "Ghost of Winters Past" will bring chills both from the bitterly cold weather and anticipation. When a First Nations ghost and then a handsome, mysterious dog sledder appear out of a January blizzard to rescue city lawyer Michael Dunn, the scene is set for romance, adventure, and suspense. Pursued by a vindictive enemy from her past, Michaela seeks safety as manager of a snowmobile lodged deep in the hinterland but even there she discovers she's still within his sights. Her efforts to elude him appear in vain until, one bitterly cold night as northern lights rage across the sky, he's found dead...murdered. Will Michaela face charges or is his killing the work of the dog sledder who has set himself up as her unofficial guardian? Or has the ghost of winters past who's also chosen to become her protector had a hand in his demise?

For dog fanciers, "Ghost of Winters Past" offers the added bonus of having as one of the main characters, Doc, the lead sled dog. Doc has a taste for chocolate, regardless of its danger to those of his ilk, eventually finding himself in trouble with local law enforcement as a result. This canine culprit's antics add a chuckle to this novel of romantic suspense.

Curl up in your favorite chair with a cup of hot chocolate (or beverage of your choice), preferably with a cuddly canine companion and enjoy "Ghost of Winters Past."

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