Tuesday, February 04, 2014

She Said, He Said by Diane Burton

She Said, He Said
Diane Burton

Since ONE RED SHOE is a romantic suspense, you expect the bad guys will be caught and the hero and heroine will finally get their happy-ever-after. No spoilers there. After the book was finished, I happened to overhear a conversation between Daria and Sam. Now, I’m no gossip ;) but I thought you might enjoy.

Daria: I am so glad it’s all over and that you came into my life. :)

Sam: I am, too. I just wish the circumstances had been different.

Daria: I was tired of being in a rut, living in the same town, on the same road, in the same house all my life. Sheesh. I’m pushing the big THREE-O and I hadn’t even lived yet. I wanted adventure with a capital A.

Sam: Well, you got one when you came to New York City. A real Adventure—capitalized and in italics. Probably more than you bargained for, hey, kid?

Daria: A lot more.

Sam: Bet you never expected to see a bleeding fool when you barged into that restroom.

Daria: No, I didn’t. Besides, I wasn’t in the wrong place, you were. By the way, you weren’t a fool.

Sam: Sure felt like one.

Daria: I couldn’t believe you tried to convince me you cut yourself shaving. Your gunshot wounds were in your calf and your butt. :roll: What a card. Just like my brothers.

Sam: Speaking of those boys, have they recovered yet from learning about how you took down a Russian Mafia assassin-in-training?

Daria: Hehehe. That guy was huge. And was he ever mad! I mean, revenge was definitely on his mind. Steam was coming out of his ears.

Sam: I think he was still p.o.’d that you dumped him on his bare butt in a prickly hedge and later into a freezing cold lake. Yeah, revenge was definitely on his mind. Scared ten years off my life when he grabbed you from behind. And I couldn’t save you.

Daria: :D You were rather tied up wrestling the real assassin. I, on the other hand, took care of my own problem.

Sam: *winces* That guy is probably still singing soprano. You done good, kid.

Daria: Yes, I did. Wish my brothers had seen that. On second thought, it’s a good thing they didn’t. They would have rushed in and ruined my triumph. They still aren’t convinced we belong together.

Sam: You know I have that problem, too.

Daria: It’s a good thing our author knows what’s best—even if you don’t. Remember, I’m the best thing that ever happened to you.

Sam: Damn straight you are.

The two of them closed the door so I don’t know what happened next. But I can guess. :) You can find out more about what happened to Daria and Sam between the time she left home and they found their HEA in ONE RED SHOE.

Diane Burton
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Diane Burton said...

I hope you enjoyed the "conversation" between Sam & Daria. They are two of my favorite characters.

Kristen Brockmeyer said...

I can see why they're you're favorites - Sam and Daria were a couple of my favorite characters, too! GREAT read. :)

Connie Bretes said...

Sounds like a great read. I've got to get the book!

Diane Burton said...

Kristen & Connie, thanks for stopping by.

Melissa Keir said...

Wonderful conversation. I love being privy to the two of them talking. I wonder if her brothers will get their own books?? hmm...Hey Diane!

Diane Burton said...

@Melissa You never know. :)