Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Journey of a Writer: #25’s the Charm

True Nature is my 1st novel written with best friend and cowriter, Leigh Neely, but it’s #25 in my publishing credits. Before I was Neely Powell with Leigh, I wrote as Celeste Hamilton on my own for 24 romance novels.

Celeste Hamilton wrote books about regular people. My heroes and heroines had ordinary jobs - farmers,

Obstacles on the way to happily-ever-after usually included past failures and family complications. Celeste Hamilton stories were about everyday people just trying to find lasting happiness.

How I did turn from those heartwarming tales to my current fiction that includes shape shifters, faeries, witches and werewolves?

The big difference is that I’m writing with Leigh, and focusing on paranormal elements has given my dear friend a freedom in plotting and story development that she’s never shown before. This woman’s imagination is wild. Sometimes I just go where she leads, and it’s a fun ride.

What’s not different is that the shape shifter and the witch face many of the same problems that plagued my romance novel characters – past failures and family complications. Even supernatural creatures deserve a shot at happiness, don’t they?

I’m honored that my 25th novel is written with Leigh. As a supportive friend and editorial advisor over the years, she influenced my Celeste Hamilton novels in ways too numerous to name. True Nature was her baby first, and when it grew into our book, I was finally smart enough to realize our writing partnership was integral to the next part of my journey as a writer.
police officers who weren’t super cops, lawyers, teachers, nurses, business people who weren’t self-made millionaires, and some artists and writers thrown in for variety.

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