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Spotlighting Women's Fiction at the Wild Rose Press

Amanda in the Summer
Brenda Whiteside 

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Three generations of women...and the secret that strengthens their love.

A line of women, all named Amanda, stretches back for generations. Each with her hopes, her joys, her pain--each pouring out her heart in correspondence with a dear family friend who shares their lives, understands their loves, and joins in their sorrows.

But within the correspondence lies a secret. And as the youngest of the Amandas retraces the journey through the years--beginning in post-war America and following through to modern day--the letters reveal, layer by layer, the Amandas who came before her. Soon, the truths and lies hidden in the letters lead her down a path of self-discovery that forges a bond between her past and future.


August 24, 1968

Dear Tilly,

A few days of bliss with no one to talk to but the seagulls. I have you to thank for this. I’m so glad you popped back after Amanda, Robert, and Mother left. The strain I put on all of us while you were here would’ve dragged on for who knows how long if you hadn’t returned. Once again, Tilly, you read the tea leaves and righted things.

My moods have been so ragged of late. Jealousy of all things. Jealous that you could talk to my daughter, get along so lovely with her, which I’ve had difficulty doing these last few months. Jealous of your longer running friendship with Robert than with me. I’m not sure if I was jealous of him or you. You’re both mine. And angry that the two of you are uncomfortable around each other after so many years and not making sense of that. When Robert left, I tried to give him the blue swimsuit you had left behind and asked him to drop in on you to return it. He said no, I could do it when I got back. This was so unlike him and did more to unsettle me...

The Apprentice

Jana Barkley 

There are no accidents...

A pain-filled encounter with an escaped hawk prompts suburban divorcee Samantha Leyton to learn more about the untamed bird of prey that attacked her.  Surprised and intrigued, Sam soon finds herself obsessed with an ancient passion even more consuming than the deadly disease in her body.

Falconry sponsor Hank Gerard sensed something different about the smart, city-dwelling blonde from the moment they met.  A master at understanding wild raptors, the hard-edged loner soon realizes his newest apprentice hides a secret behind the sheer grit, drive, and independence that privately captivate him--a secret Sam is determined to keep hidden. If her fellow falconers discover she's ill, she could lose her only remaining connection to life--her red-tailed hawk, Chance.

Against the backdrop of the sport of falconry, will two souls destined to meet learn to trust again before it's too late?


The pain searing through Samantha Leyton’s left hand felt like nothing she had ever experienced, and she had experienced a lot in the past two months. She made an innocent move, the simple gesture of lifting her hand to block the sun as she stood before the Birds of Prey exhibit at the Highland Scottish Games. The large raptor now crushing and puncturing her hand with its talons must have thought otherwise. All she saw was a flash of feathers and bewildered people moving out of the way, unsure if this was supposed to be happening—and there it was, perched on her upheld hand. Sam could have told them this was not part of the show.

 Tears flooded her eyes as the bird’s crushing grip brought new waves of pain every time she moved, forcing her to hold still in spite of the organic urge to scream and shake the thing off. She fought to focus within, the way she’d learned to do at the hospital under the numerous pokings and proddings that had become routine, but a strange fascination compelled her to stare at the feathered monster holding her in its vice-like grip.

It was waiting for something, and in that terrible space of seconds, Sam realized it might reach for her face. Blood-red eyes, devoid of fear, bored into hers with an expression of complete ownership; she was its possession. A trickle of blood dripped from her hand, luring the hawk’s interest back to its catch, its instinct no doubt to feed stronger than any fear it might have of her.

Whiskey Sour Noir
Mickey J. Corrigan 

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Tami Lee Conkers knows her own mind, and she knows she has gotten herself into trouble by falling for the handsome, well-educated Cat Avery.  She knows better, as the man is a registered sex offender who has served his time and now tends bar, but she believes his claim of innocence.

Having lost everything–career, family, home and reputation–Cat thinks he has figured out who set him up for the crime he didn't commit. He is determined to seek revenge.  All around him, life is going from bad to worse until Tami Lee comes a callin'.  Without Tami's help, Cat's life is over.

As the world spins out of control around them, can Tami justify leaving her life behind for one man?


The first time I met Cat Avery, he'd just started bartending at the Kettle of Fish. The sudden halt of the Gulf Stream flow was all over the news and everybody sat glued to the yakker box, watching the talking heads discuss the oncoming doom. When I walked in I was tired and cranky. Not in the mood for world disaster. Not in the mood for love, either. I'd dropped by the Kettle for relaxation, not excitement. I'd had enough of that at work.

I almost turned right around and headed for the take-out coolers at the liquor mart down the way. But once I'd set my squinting eyes on Cat Avery, I stood my ground. In West Dusky, you're lucky if you see anyone with all their own teeth, never mind good-looking guys in their thirties. Well-built men with hair on their heads are a rare breed in my neighborhood. I'd become accustomed to sleeping down. Avery was on another ranking entirely. He was up so many rungs he was out of my league and I knew it soon as I laid eyes on the man.

That was my first row of thoughts, at least. I should have turned tail, saved my tattooed backside. But it was already too late. I was hooked line and sinker and he was smiling at me. He'd seen me come in. I held my breath for a moment and tried not to look at the vision of hunkiness standing behind the bar with a dirty towel over one broad shoulder. But there wasn't really any choice. I couldn't take my eyes off him. What was a guy like that doing in a place like this?

Where There Is Will
Monica Epstein 

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When she moves to London following her divorce, Michelle Loeser has no interest in looking for love. She needs to focus on surviving without her ex's six-figure income, coping with a severe fear of heights, and rebuilding her confidence. And if she keeps her promise to her best friend, she'll pursue her passion for writing too.

Will Sheridan found his passion early in life. At age eleven, he was cast in the starring role in a film series. Now, at the age of 25, he's a celebrity at a crossroads in his career. He has no time for women who don't understand his priorities.

When Will offers to help Michelle acclimate to the unfamiliar city in exchange for cooking lessons, she figures what's the harm? But jealous fans and coworkers, eager paparazzi, and a distrustful mother see it differently.


"Why aren't you doing the play?"

"What play?"

My temper climbed. "Have you been offered more than one?"

"Well, no. Did you pick through my rubbish?"

"The script was on your counter."

"Covered in crap!"

"I admit I might not have behaved ethically. But this is a phenomenal opportunity. You can't pass up this show. It's on Broadway. And this particular role is a far cry from Nathaniel Wise. It will highlight your versatility and help you make the transition from teen to adult roles. Your career will skyrocket."

"I don't want to live in New York right now," he said after a moment's hesitation. "I'm happy in London. I can find another project."

"As big as this one? I thought one of your goals is to perform on Broadway."

"It is, but not now."

"Why not?"

He hesitated again. "I don't want to be apart for so long."

"You and me?"

"No, me and my toothbrush! Of course, you and me. I love you, Michelle. I don't want to leave you behind for seven months, and I know you can't come with me because of your job."

"When we got together, your focus was on your career. That's one of the reasons I agreed to be with you. Now you're letting our relationship get in the way of that. I won't be responsible for you missing out on the opportunity of a lifetime."

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