Monday, March 16, 2015

Life Changes and Following My Dream by Linda Nightingale

Last year, I retired from a career as a Legal Assistant to pursue writing full-time. I am happy with a capital H. I had 4 novels published, but The Wild Rose Press contracted my sci-fi romance, Love For Sale--sentient androids indistinguishable from human sold as loving, devoted companions and lovers.

Then, too, I got my dream job. A friend introduced me to the head of the advertising agency her company uses. I am now writing copy for Digital Impact Agency as a Content Strategist. So, I have my love for writing mingled in two different directions. I'm reading the galley for Love For Sale and am already working on the sequel, Love For a Song. I hope I've found a home in the Garden.

My cover for Love For Sale, created by the very talented Debbie Taylor, is splendid and really captures the essence of the story. I created a book video myself!! Amazing!! Here's the YouTube

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