Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Why I Wrote Black Dragon Blood by @AnitaPhilmar

Everyone wants to know why an author decided to write a particular story.

Today, I wanted to share "Why I decided to Write Black Dragon Blood."

At the time, I had never written an erotic story. Wasn't sure that I could even do it?

Yes, it had to have hot sex scene which I love, but it needed even more.

 So, I decide to create another world, one where the men were stronger, faster, and braver. These men had eaten the meat of Dragon's. They had incorporated the dragon's power into their DNA.

 Yes, but they also needed conflict, something that challenged them.

Of course, my first thought was women. Yeah, ladies, don't we love to test the depths of a man's love.

Next, I wanted a little murder, mystery and a bad guy. All were needed to create a story to push the limit and create a romance that readers could enjoy.

 When I looked at the challenge a woman could present, I decide Amanda had to have decided years ago that men were the last thing she wanted.


Well, her first husband had been murdered, and because of his death she'd lost her child. Why you might ask? In this world, men provide nutrition to their unborn baby by having sex with their wives. Okay, see the reason for have lots of hot sex, regularly.

Amanda's second husband is also dead. Makes one wondered why, doesn't it?

So when William, the head of the Black Dragon Council wants to marry her, you can see why Amanda is not overjoyed by the offer. She decides to put into question her ability to bare William's child and exits stage left in a hurry.

William can't let it go and follows her.

Now, the story unfolds.

 I love this story so much I had to go back to the Black Dragon world in two more books. I've even consider writing more because I love the men and women, who live there.

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