Friday, May 01, 2015

My Writing Nest by Peggy Chambers

Like a lot of authors I use a laptop for my writing. Confined to a desk for years, I don’t want that when I am at home creating. A laptop can go anywhere. When I am alone – mostly on Sundays – I began to write on the love seat where I sit in the evenings and watch TV. It seemed the place to be because for some reason I gravitated to it as my husband gravitated to his chair. We are creatures of habit.

Then I inherited the old recliner that belonged to my father-in-law. It is well-worn burgundy leather that still smells like him when it warms up. It is cozy and comfy and it sits in the spare bedroom with my grandmother’s antique bedroom set. Recently I received a rare gift from an immensely talented artist, Pauline Jones. Pauline and I worked together at Atwoods. She is in charge of the pet department and knows all things pet related. She is the chick lady, the horse lady, and anything else that you need to know. I worked in the corporate office until my recent retirement. She loved my books and one day we traded our art. Her beautiful picture now hangs above my father-in-law’s recliner as a muse over my shoulder as I write.

I find this mostly unused bedroom suits me well. Here I am surrounded by my past, my family, and my friends. My mother-in-law’s roll top desk holds the computer when it is charging, the small table that my father loved to eat ice cream on as a child is in the corner. I have a bench and quilt rack that I created when I took some woodworking classes, and of course there is a bookcase for my grandson when he was young. It holds children’s books so Grandma could read him a story when he spent the weekend. These days he towers above me and is busy on the weekends so he seldom comes to visit. I go to his band concerts instead.

I love this room. My grandson claimed it when he was young and my sister thinks it is hers when she visits. But, it is my writing room. Stacked in the corner are three boxes representing the three published novels I have given birth to and they hold my precious cargo. Things I take to book signings.

I think the recliner and I are well fitted to each other and we have plans for many more books. All we need is time.

Peggy Chambers

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