Wednesday, May 20, 2015

View From My Window By Fran Mcnabb

You’re probably asking, “Who is this person? I’ve never seen her name on this blog.” Let me introduce myself. I’m Fran McNabb and I’m new to TWRP. I met Rhonda Penders at Moonlight and Magnolias last year. I had not planned to pitch, but after meeting her, I got an appointment, and enjoyed talking with her. On April 29 of this year SAVING THE CHILDREN came out. It's a romantic suspense in the Crimson Line. Lori Graham is my editor.

Instead of giving you a typical bio, I simply want to show you where I write. I think my writing space says a lot about me. I live on a quiet bayou harbor on the Gulf Coast, and I do most of my writing from a chase lounge in a sunroom that overlooks the harbor. From here I can watch the activity on the water as I find inspiration for my writing.

Except for the first three years of my married life, I’ve lived along this coastline. During those years my new husband and I lived in the Eifel region of Germany and then on the outskirts of the Mojave Desert. Did I feel landlocked? You bet I did. When we left the service, I was thrilled my husband wanted to move to my area of the world. Now, after living here for nearly all of the forty-five years of our marriage, we still love the water and spend a great deal of time boating and fishing.

It was only natural for me find inspiration with my writing where I can see the water, the wildlife living in the marshes, and the boating activity on the harbor. We all have our favorite spots where we put our thoughts onto paper (or should I say the computer screen). I do have a really nice office, but from those windows I can’t see the water. I prefer to sit on my chase where the calm harbor waters take away my life’s worries, and I can lose myself in my stories.

Visit me at to see a few other pictures of my area.

Fran McNabb
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stanalei said...

I love your view, Fran! And it sounds like it's well deserved. Congrats on the book!

Fran McNabb said...

Thank you. I love our little harbor. It's a great place to write!