Thursday, May 12, 2016

Heartfelt by Carol Owen

My novel, Heartfelt, was published by The Wild Rose Press on April 22. It was the first novel I've written since I was 18, a long time ago. I fully intended to be a writer, and was a creative writing major in college. But after getting married in my sophomore year and having three children close together, I found it impossible to find time to write. One day, full of guilt, I gave it up, and almost immediately, my other passion, art, took over. I've been an artist full time my whole adult life until recently. 
About 3 years ago I suddenly found myself caught up in the lives of characters that seemed to come out of nowhere, and took over my mind and heart, demanding to be heard. I wrote Heartfelt in 9 months, and enjoyed every minute of it.

Carol Owen

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