Sunday, May 01, 2016

More To May Day than Maypoles!

The first day of May festival originated in England before the Middle Ages. Children living in the country would rise early and head into the fields to gather wildflowers. These blooms were arranged in baskets that were then delivered in secret to friends and neighbors. If the messengers were discovered, they were supposed to run back and get a kiss.

Could there be a more romantic tradition? I think not. This tradition became the perfect base for my sweet romance, May Day Magic. In this season of new flowers and spring magic, join single mother Diane when she enlists the help of her two children to create a May Day basket to deliver to her ailing mother. She’s all thumbs when handsome plant nursery owner Marc joins in to select the flowers. Diane has also secretly created May baskets for her children as a surprise they will discover when they return from delivering their grandmother’s basket. But there’s one more surprise coming, this time for Diane. Marc’s got a little May Day magic of his own in mind… Check out May Day Magic, and create some May Day Magic of your own!

Bevery Breton

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Kimberly Keyes said...

Oh, I agree! What a lovely notion for a romance novel. :-) I love the title, too.
Kimberly Keyes (a fellow rose) :-)