Saturday, August 05, 2017



I like that word. It sounds completely ridiculous, conjures cartoon levels of violence (think Wile E. Coyote being flattened by a steamroller), and makes my three-year-old snicker. With synonyms like flabbergasted, stunned, astounded, and speechless, it’s also packed with meaning; completely not ridiculous meaning, and it made me want to unpack it with a story.

Without a doubt, I knew that story would start with love at first sight. It’s one of my favorite tropes, and after growing up on movies like Pretty Woman, Sleepless in Seattle, Ever After, At First Sight, and Serendipity, I grew fond of identifying those gobsmacked moments. I couldn’t wait to see them on my screen, and I couldn’t help wanting to see more representation in characters and stories like those.

When I was younger, I don’t think I consciously noticed the lack of people who looked like me in the books and movies I consumed. (I was probably more concerned about the overdue fines from my local library, and taming my very multicultural hair.)

Now that I’m older, I realize it’s because every single one of those roles could have been played by me, or a disabled person, or a trans person, or a fat person, or [insert underrepresented person here]. It’s because those stories are universal, and diversifying them just enriches the experience for audiences. #OWNVoices

So, armed with my woke-ness, my extensive chick flick-watching history, a STEM degree, and a serious case of wanderlust (exacerbated by my love for food), I wrote Between You and Me.


It’s an interracial love story about a brilliant, hopelessly romantic disabled scientist from Seattle, and an equally brilliant, way more influential, slightly cagey venture capitalist from New York, who are gobsmacked by love at first sight at an event in Chicago, then fall in love (on purpose this time) during a steamy weekend in New Orleans.

Well, they rack up a lot of flyer miles.

I’m most proud of the fact that the conflict in the story isn’t born of their outward differences, and that the characters, from primary to tertiary, reflect the world as it truly is.

I had so much fun writing the multiple place settings, the super geeky technology, allll the food, and the sexy times (there may or may not be extraordinary body ornaments…possibly with tassels…possibly with sequins).

What I hope readers take away at story’s end is that love at first sight is possible, it can happen to anyone, and it can grow into something lasting if two gobsmacked characters can peel themselves up from the pavement, and re-inflate each other with bicycle pumps.

Look out for Between You and Me, coming September 20th!

~ Lynn Turner


Barbara Hightower said...

I am Gobsmacked and twisted into a pretzel at what this story has to offer one who loves reading and getting away from it all while completely enthralled! Lynn has such outlandish sensibilities and so far as I can see she's equally as witty and funny
While unapologetically outspoken and honest with a lot of flare. I'm sure her book will hit the ground running at an amazing pace. She's one to watch for!

Lynn Turner said...

I don't know how to reply directly, or tag (technology hates me), but thank you so much! I'm really excited to share this story, and I hope it lives up to this amazing compliment! :-)