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In the garden with Lynn Turner

Welcome Lynn Turner

Lynn, do you plot or let the story unfold as you write?

Both. Before I start a story, I have at least the major scenes (conflict/ love scenes/ big emotional moments) in mind, but no clue how I’ll get to them, lol. I’ll have the dots, basically, and the lines connecting the dots unfold as I write.

Do you research your sex scenes?

 I research EVERYTHING. Hahaha. I’m obsessive about it. For sex scenes, I don’t research the mechanics, but I think a lot about the buildup to the moment, where it will happen, the tone (i.e. angsty, funny, cute, intense) and in whose point of view.

How did you come up with the title?

This was one of my favorite parts of the process! I wanted a clever title related to distance, because it’s a long-distance love story. I loved Between You and Me, because it’s a play on the distance aspect, the developing romance, and Finn’s “stunning secret.”

Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?

NOPE! And it makes me really happy, lol. This might sound preachy (not sorry), but diversity isn’t hard to write, nor is it trendy. It just…IS. There doesn’t NEED to be a message to justify the existence of marginalized people. Just write them! I promise we have more commonalities than differences, and if a writer is nervous about writing someone of another ethnicity, faith, socioeconomic background, orientation, etc... find someone with one or all of those identities and ask allll the questions. It's just research, really, and as writers, we're good at research. 😉 (That prooobably wasn't the point of the question, but my brain is hard-wired for activism. I promise I'm not a drag at parties. Haha.)

What are your current projects?

I’m almost finished with a dance/ ballet/ Broadway romance between a black French prima ballerina and a dancer/playwright/choreographer from the Bronx. It was partially inspired by Misty Copeland’s documentary “A Ballerina’s Tale,” and the enemies-to-lovers romantic comedy movie, “The Cutting Edge.” I’m having SO much fun with it!

Tell us more about you

Who do you see as a hero in your life?

My undergrad academic adviser, who pushed me to complete my STEM degree when I wanted to quit and study creative writing. She said, “You can do ANYTHING with a science degree. You’re already a writer. Nothing will make you more creative than understanding the world and how it works.” Of course, writing isn’t just getting ideas on paper—it’s so much more than that, but I think my adviser was onto something. 😊

You can erase one embarrassing experience from your past. What will it be?

I was a super late bloomer, and by fourteen, “mosquito bites” wouldn’t even describe my boobs. They were like, gnat bites. So, I’d cut the shoulder pads from my grandma’s blazer and stuffed my bra with them. At some point during ninth grade English, one of them slipped out. Thankfully, my mortification was limited to the nice girl sitting next to me, who discreetly picked it up and returned it to me. I still wish I had the flashy thingy Will Smith’s character used in Men in Black to erase people’s memories. Lol.

Are you jealous of other writers?

I don't know if it's jealousy or just a deep admiration for their talent. It can be intimidating sometimes, but I try to single out what I admire about those writers and see how to hone those skills myself. Also, reading works by those authors is a GREAT cure for writer's block.

What makes you laugh?

My kids, my husband…spontaneous, totally-not-meant-to-be-funny things…things that make me uncomfortable (defense mechanism), anything written by Penny Reid...

What is your favorite comfort food?


Where can we find out more about your and your books?

Goodreads -

Title of current release: Between You and Me

To purchase Lynn's current release, click here.

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