Thursday, October 05, 2017

Welcome to Lynn's Lair

Does marketing and promo give anyone else hives? No? Just me? K…

I’m an introvert who extroverts on occasion, so my release day was both exciting and terrifying! Thanks to a unicorn named Lisa Dawn, and the amazing support of my fellow TWRP authors, the terror went from a 20 to about a 7, and the excitement had me downing two bottles of sweet red, half a bottle of mango prosecco (thanks, Trader Joe’s), and an indeterminate number of truffles…and that just covers my consumption until noon. #DontJudge

Now that my baby, Between You and Me, is officially out there in the universe (SQUEEEEEE!!!), I thought it would be fun to share something light with you all: My writerly space!

I don’t have an office (my husband snagged it first, so he can do his Dexter’s Laboratory thing without tiny humans getting into his mustache-twirling world domination plans), so I have a little nook in my bedroom that I dub, Lynn Central.

While I love coffee shops (and bagel shops, and donut shops…stop judging), it’s cheaper and cozier to write at home. I’m usually a nomad with my lap desk, writing in bed, on the couch, or even outside, but with the addition of my shabby-chic chaise, I’ve been using my nook a lot more, dahling.

My little ficus is made of silk, on account of I can’t keep anything green alive, and cats can't eat it. My favorite inspirational quotes (back of photo), and a shadow box containing my debut novel (right side of photo) adorn the walls.

I have lots of sunlight coming in from the back yard, and I can multitask on weekends—writing and keeping an eye on my tiny humans.

Currently, this is where I #AmWriting my new interracial contemporary romance (coming soon), tentatively titled Pas De Deux. It’s an enemies-to-lovers (ish), ballet - to- Broadway romance between a contemporary choreographer/ playwright from the Bronx, and Paris’ newest superstar ballerina.

Where Between You and Me is sweet, this one has a bit more sass. Though the chemistry is there from the beginning, these two will bump heads a lot. Head over to my blog, for the blurb, and a sneak peek at the first two chapters!


Post script - To Cindy Davis (my lovely editor for BYaM who possesses the patience of Job, Jesus, and Moses altogether): If you’re reading this, you’re dope. (Metaphorically, not literally.)

Lynn Turner


Donna Simonetta said...

What a great space to write, Lynn! Best of luck with your release!
: )

Lynn Turner said...

Thanks so much, Donna! Happy writing! :-)

Cat Dubie said...

Love your cozy writing space. The new book sounds great. Good luck!


Lynn Turner said...

Thank you, Cat! In it right this very moment. ;) Happy Monday!