Monday, February 12, 2018

Stones of Sandhill Island

The Wild Rose Press just released my latest Sandhill Island book and I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.  Sandhill Island is a mythical place off the coast of Corpus Christi where life is laidback – except when it isn’t.  The breeze off the waves may lull you to sleep in a hammock but watch out for your neighbors.  You might want to sleep with one eye open.
            Most of the inhabitants of the island are good, hard-working people who prefer a slower pace than life on the mainland.  And they are there to help if needed.  There are the occasional troublemakers who can take a tropical paradise and turn it upside down.
            Billie Stone had the voice of raw honey dripping from its comb.  Her mother, a former principal ballerina with the Corpus Christi Ballet brought her to the island as a baby and helped her develop her own art – music.  She was a favorite in the Corpus Christi jazz scene with her best friend, String.  String accompanied her on the bass fiddle and sometimes took over the piano.  His deep bass voice complemented hers and they mesmerize audiences far and wide.  Until tragedy struck, and her family was killed in an auto accident.  Then she headed back to the only home she’d ever known, Sandhill Island. Home to heal her psyche she found her mother had become ill with Parkinson’s.  Her strong lovely ballet legs had become her enemy. 
            Joe Franks was only a little drunk the night he hit the minivan and killed two people.  Now after a year in prison he is out only to find his job gone, house foreclosed, car repossessed, and bank account drained after paying into the Texas Victim’s Restitution Fund.  And no one would hire a jail bird. He wanted revenge and he was not above violence to get it.
            As Billie tried to recover from the loss of her family and, now her mother, she discovered her mother held a secret she’d never told her.  A secret that could change Billie’s life forever.
            Check out the second in the Sandhill Island series, Stones of Sandhill Island.  I’m thinking there may be a third that involves smuggling. 

I love island life!

Peggy Chambers

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