Monday, November 16, 2020

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New Romance and Fiction In The Garden

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Two Hearts for Christmas
The Green Earth Christmas Series

Baker Maisie Quinn opens Blissful Bites and finally realizes her dream—a business she loves and life in a charming small town with her two children. And if she wins the Three-County Christmas Bake-Off, the generous prize money will be a godsend to her meager budget.
When Wade Bennett becomes the new sheriff in town, he plans to care for his widowed mother and put aside money for world travel. So romance isn't on his mind, but seeing Maisie brings back memories of when he thought she might be the one.
As dreams confront reality, the holiday turns serious for the unwary couple, and heavenly helpers have only a few weeks to assist two determined souls get what they want for Christmas.

A Wing and a Prayer
Broken Wings


When Betty Palmer's sister dies under suspicious circumstances whilst landing her Tiger Moth, Betty and three other women pilots of the Air Transport Auxiliary in WWII England unite to discover who killed her and why.
Estranged from her family, Penny Blake wants simply to belong. American Doris Winter, running from a personal tragedy, yearns for a new start. Naturally shy Mary Whitworth-Baines struggles to fit in. Together though, they are a force to be reckoned with as they face the mystery that confronts them.

Against the backdrop of war, when ties of friendship are exceptionally strong, they strive to unravel the puzzle's complex threads, risking their lives as they seek justice for Betty's sister.

Somewhere Only We Know

Naiomi's heart has broken twice in her life—once when her mother drowned, and again when her best friend Keane moved away in ninth grade.

Only Keane understood Naiomi's grief at losing her mom, and when he left, he took a piece of her heart. When Keane unexpectedly returns after twelfth grade ends, Naiomi's anxiety and overwhelming emotions about their history spill over. If she can just admit her feelings for him, they could be her ticket out of her past memories.

Yet as Keane becomes increasingly attentive, making Naiomi more nervous than ever, he puts cracks in her determination to leave their small seaside town. Will she overcome her fears by the end of the summer?

Christmas at Hope Ranch


Soured on Christmas and love, famous model Addison James returns to the only home she ever knew to heal from a near-fatal accident and a broken heart. Falling in love again is not part of Addison's plan—not until she meets cute and motherless six-year-old twins, and a handsome sheriff.

Sheriff Wade Grey's philosophy for love is once burned is enough to last a lifetime. Friction sparks as he and Addison butt heads the first time they meet. Yet falling for her is so tempting.

As Christmas approaches, there is hope of love, with a generous sprinkle of surprises.

The Magic Christmas Box


Laid off and down on his luck, Benny is on the verge of losing everything when he receives a magical gift. The Christmas box comes with a promise to fulfill three wishes. But when the first two wishes are granted in baffling, unexpected ways, he realizes the magic may be in him all along. When the third wish looks doubtful, a little extra determination may be all he needs. Or will it take Christmas magic to convince Laura, the woman of his dreams, to finally believe love is a risk worth taking?

A War Apart


Anger at her cheating husband spurs grieving war widow Rosemary Hopkins to spend an impromptu night with an overseas-bound soldier. Fearing her small hometown will discover her secret, she makes him promise to not write her. Yet she can't forget him.

Eager to talk to a pretty girl before shipping out to fight the Germans, Guy Nolan impulsively implies they're married and buys her ticket. The encounter transforms into the most memorable night of his life when he falls for a woman he will never see again.

While Guy tries to stay alive in combat, Rosemary finds work in a secret defense plant and a possible future with another soldier. Will she choose security or passion? Can she survive another loss?

Glimpse, The Angel Shot
Deadly Glimpses


Seven women have disappeared from bars only to be found murdered after asking for an Angel Shot. Detective Rick McCoy is handed the case after returning from leave following his wife's horrific ordeal at the hands of the serial killer, PPP.

Criminal psychologist Patricia Holmes lost her husband to the same killer and when her current partner makes her life miserable she jumps at the chance to work with Rick again. When they determine a man currently jailed for the crimes could not have committed them the mystery deepens.

But that is the least of Rick's worries. An imaginary alter ego appears warning him his wife is suicidal. Will they be able to solve the riddle of the Angel Shot before another victim loses her life and save his wife from taking hers?         

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