Monday, July 03, 2006


Reading Emma's blog hit home. I too have waited and worked a long time to get published. However, I've believed in my abilities and though there were a couple times I wanted to bag it - the characters always pulled me back to the computer. The first book I wrote - I still love the characters, but I can't believe I sent it to publishers thinking they would want it! I have grown over the years, and yes, blossomed as a writer. So what better place to finally get my stories published than The Wild Rose Press.

Being an editor and an author for WRP - I know the pain of getting a rejection letter that says " Love it, but..." If you send a submission to me at Cactus Rose, you will get the reason why I don't feel it is ready for publication yet, not just it isn't what I'm looking for, or doesn't fit my needs right now. You will get an answer. After all those years of form rejection letters and the "Loved it, but not right for us at this time", I don't want someone who has been rejected reading the letter and wondering why.

To all those who have been embraced into the WRP family "welcome" and to those who haven't yet made it - take the information you get in the rejection letters and hone your writing skills. It takes practice, and believing in yourself as a writer. Your day will come, and you will be published.

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