Monday, July 10, 2006

Summer fun at the races...

Hi WRP friends! I'm stopping by to say hi and this time I thought I'd share some of our family summer fun with you. We had another exciting night at the races last weekend. Ever wonder where a writer gets her inspiration? Here's a snippet...

Take care!

Summer at the racesJuly 10, 2006 by lee.
With all the summer fun comes Saturday night at the races too! The roar of the engines, the thrill of the speed, the racing pulse when a car slides out of the number three turn in a roll… (Luckily it wasn’t my nephew who rolled)
Yep, the races are in full swing right now. We spent last Saturday night cheering for my nephew, William Morrison III, willing him to finish first, feverishly chanting, “Go Willie!” from the stands.
As luck would have it, his radiator blew a hole from a hit he took just as he was about to finish the race and his engine lost power… oh the frustration. He’s having a great season this summer too. Despite the set back, he’s ranked third in points for the 2006 racing season currently and he’s looking stronger each race. Check out the stats here. Not a bad standing for last year’s Rookie of the Year.
Stay tuned… Willie is busy making repairs to his car this week and he’ll be back on the track next Saturday.
Good luck Willie! The fans are rootin’ for ya!
(Aunt) Lee

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