Saturday, July 15, 2006

Two hats

As an editor at Wild Rose Press, I enjoy reading the submissions and giving helpful feedback to other writers. I wish at this point I had contracted someone, but so far all the submission, though engaging stories and characters have had issues in craft. I've ask all of the writers to work on those elements and resubmit, so I may be doling out contracts right and left in a few months.

As a writer for Wild Rose Press, I am trying to set up book signings and waiting for the release of my books. Reading the forums and seeing all the things other contracted writers are doing to promote, I wonder where they find the time! Any suggestions on the best ways to promote that takes the least amount of my time? I have postcards of my first book and trying to find a source to print magnets for the first and second book.


Stacy Dawn said...

have you tried Vista print?

They have great specials running all the time. Now, I'm just waiting for my first batch of magnets so I don't know what the true quality is just yet but I'm hopeful. It's free to sign up for their newsletter and they send you email to get a lot of free merchandise too.

Good luck!

Paty Jager said...

I have had postcards printed there, but I need a round magnet and they don't do anything other than the rectangle shape.


Lee Morrison said...

Paty, it's wonderful that you are so willing to help writers. :)