Wednesday, March 14, 2007

And So It Begins...

Today is the first step in our Tia Dani blogging career. we joined forces one day after joking that we could become a dynamic duo if we only let our collective creative juices escape. Lo and behold, after a pitcher of margaritas and a bowl of hot, hot salsa with chips, we sat down and laughed our way through a very rough draft of Layover... though it wasn't titled that at the was something funky.

We shared our story with Bev's critique group, "The Butterscotch Martini Girls," and few of Chris' other author friends. The verdict?

We had a winner!

Encouraged we started searching for a publisher. That's when we heard great things about The Wild Rose Press. We did our research and were pleased to find that the company was proactive with their authors. Once Layover was accepted, we were delighted to meet our editor, Saige, and are looking forward to working with her.

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