Friday, March 02, 2007

Milestone nr.2- check!

2007 began in the best possible way, and all it took was an email from the editor of the English Tea Rose line at The Wild Rose Press, Katherine Malayvin, and the offer of a contract.
I consider myself to be one of the fortunate few on the brink of having my dream realised, and, of course, I'm grateful- but also proud of this achievement; this second milestone on my journey to becoming a successful writer. Proud because I didn't give up when many scoffed at my efforts. Proud because I kept believing in myself when many gave up believing in me. Proud because I trusted my instincts when many doubted my ability. Proud because- revisions, editing, tweaking and rewrites aside- I can finally announce the upcoming release of my full-length novel Ripples in the Water. I hope to have the pleasure of announcing its release date quite soon, but in the mean time I'll definitely be keeping in touch. I enjoy reading all the posts.

Thanks for the chat- Michelle Chambers


Lynette said...

Well done, Michelle! So often as writers, we are full of self-doubt, and it makes it even worse if others doubt us as well.

My mantra is: "Keep on keeping on!"

Let us know when your book is coming out!


Michelle said...

Thanks Lynette. It's a good mantra. I'll stick it on the wall next to my computer. It'll help me focus on completing my second novel for the Crimson line.

Lynette said...

My book is coming out with the Crimson line as well! What a coincidence. I'll be starting edits for Return to Winter shortly. :)

Michelle said...

Excellent! Good luck with editing. It's a headache- well, for me anyway. Having to delete perfectly good dialogue is painful.

Release date?