Monday, April 02, 2007

The New Steve McQueen

Steve McQueen

Daniel Craig

There has been talk recently that English Actor, Daniel Craig, resembles Steve McQueen. I think this might have started with an article published in The Washington Post and now various messages boards are flooded with the topic: Is Daniel Craig the new Steve McQueen?

I have to admit I love a bad boy. Although, I picked out good guy, Mark Darcy, as my preference in my recent blog post: "Good Guys Versus Bad Guys: Are you a Mark Darcy kinda gal or a Daniel Cleaver one?" published here on Sunday March 4th, 2007, the bad boy normally wins for me every time.

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Sometimes I cut out pictures of my heroines and heroines from magazines. Quite often they are actors who have the same energy and characteristics of the character I would like to convey in my novel. Maybe one day I will use a picture of McQueen or Craig as my inspiration!

Steve McQueen was my ultimate male actor hero, ever since I first saw him in "The Great Escape" way back in the 1960's. Those baby blue eyes came right out the screen at me.

What was it I loved so much about him and still do?

I think it was because he didn't conform. He stood alone for what he believed in, both as a film character and as a man in real life.

I read an article only yesterday in the Mail on Sunday, Mc Queen's first wife Neile Adams, said that a movie may be made, based on her book about her life with Steve. She would like Daniel Craig to play his part.

Personally, I think McQueen was a one off but I have to admit, Daniel Craig, from what I have seen of his acting skills, comes a close second. He is also highly charismatic as Steve was. An actor to watch for the future.

What do you think? Is Daniel Craig the new Steve McQueen?

Lynette Rees


Anne Whitfield - author said...

I like both actors.

Casino Royale with Daniel Craig was the first ever Bond movie I've watched from start to finish! Nice eye candy!

Lynette said...

I'm going to have see that film, Anne! I've seen him in Layer Cake, but not as Bond. I think he's a real man. :)