Wednesday, April 25, 2007


In 1989, I joined the Army 120 pounds soaking wet, just in time for the first war in the Middle East, Desert Storm. During my time in, I started writing down the hilarious things that happened me. Being dropped for push ups my first ten seconds in Basic Training for laughing. Going into the gas chamber without a mask. And many more. These things left an impression on me, so I decided to write a book that encompassed some of my misadventures. Thus, the genesis of the inspirational fiction novel, REVEILLE OF THE HEART.

REVEILLE OF THE HEART takes you on the journey into Camilla Harrison’s life as she joins the Army, despite her family and boyfriend’s objections. She crawls through mud, shoots weapons, goes through the gas chamber and ends up a POW…all the joys of basic training. When she reaches her permanent station, she meets Nathan Porter. He becomes an amazing friend. All seems great until Cami’s boyfriend Trevor decides to visit and proposes. Cami then has to decide between the man she always knew she would marry and her soul mate.

The book ends with one of the key characters being wounded in Iraq. A horrible tragedy that is unfortunately a reality in our world. When I started thinking about how I would promote Reveille, I got this desire to do more with my book. To give back to the very people that inspired my book. I began searching and praying…and was introduced to a woman at America’s Heroes of Freedom. She is just as anxious to partner with me, as I am with her.

This awesome organization helps the military families visit their wounded loved ones. They send care packages to the wounded in the hospitals. Some of these soldiers only have the bloodied clothes that they were wounded in because the hospitals don’t have enough gowns. AHOF finds ways to donate gowns, socks, underwear and other necessities. They also give donated gifts, which is where I come in. I would like to donate books to the family members that are waiting with their sons and daughters in the hospital and to the soldier and sailors themselves. This is where you come in. If you would like to purchase a book for a soldier, visit my website: and click on “Bookstore.”

To find out more about the awesome things AHOF has done, go to

Help support the men and women who gave so selflessly for our freedom.

Bless you.

Kimberlee R. Mendoza
Author of “Reveille of the Heart”

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Marianne Arkins said...

I didn't know about this organization... My DH served in Desert Storm, and I have a soft spot for all of our soldiers. Thanks for sharing.