Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Hidden Shadows - New book, New author

I'm new here to the Wild Rose and wanted to say hello to everyone and introduce myself. I'm Lauren Hope, I'm writing for the Crimson Line, and my first novel, Hidden Shadows is on it's way to being released! It's a tale of loves, lies, and murder that I hope you'll enjoy.

**With a failed marriage and bitter betrayal tucked in her suitcase of baggage, Jenna Gregor is admittedly cynical and pessimistic concerning men and the prospect of a lasting relationship. When Bennett Aston sweeps into her life like a sturdy gust of wind, she jumps to defend herself at every angle from his easy confidence, southern charm, and unnerving good looks.
But in the shadows of Jenna’s past lay deep secrets. And there, a mad woman lurks in the darkness, ready to ruin all Jenna holds dear. As life as Jenna knows it begins to unravel, she finds herself in a tangled web of lies, suspicion, and murder. She must look deep inside herself to find the courage for forgiveness, trust, and self-acceptance. Only then will she discover love, redemption, and ultimately, survival.


Larry Hammersley said...

Welcome to Wild Rose, Lauren. I'm fairly new myself, with a Vintage short story out, Lab Partners. Congratulations on your upcoming release. Larry

Marly Mathews said...

Welcome to the garden, Lauren! Congrats on the upcoming release of Hidden Shadows!