Friday, August 31, 2007

It's here! SEVEN OF CUPS is on sale NOW!

It's here! SEVEN OF CUPS is on sale NOW! AND, a fresh CONTEST!

Yes---SEVEN OF CUPS is on sale NOW in re-release ebook format at ! The second novel in the Magical Mysterious Sisters series, this book features Selene's younger sister, Izzy, and her own experience with the magical, mysterious, romantic, and murderous happenings in Fort Bedford, Florida. You won't want to miss it! Here's what reviewers say about SEVEN OF CUPS:

"A year ago Izzy’s life-love Sean was murdered. He was the only man whom until then she had thought she could find happiness with. Now, finally, she’s begun seeing Brian intimately, despite the feud his grandmother still carries against Izzy’s family from decades earlier. Izzy’s sister Selene is a powerful witch who had joined forces with the man who later became her lover to combat the town’s serial killer menace last year, and in the process had come into her powers more fully.Izzy works as waitress at her sister’s restaurant and when a suave and handsome stranger arrives, radiating waves of trouble and recording notes constantly, Izzy’s instincts go on high alert. She denies the metaphysical and witch-like gifts her sister Selene possesses, but still she recognizes the danger presented by this new individual and determines to guard against him.

Seven of Cups aptly blends a suspenseful plot line and background from an earlier installment in the series with the paranormal element and steamy sensuality to create a page-turner, readers will find captivating. Joanna K. Moore has a fine gift with plotting and character development. In Seven of Cups her weaving of the plot themes is especially emphasized, and excellent. This is a good all-round read for readers looking for an excellent story with heat and passion, mystery and paranormal activities as well."

---4.5 Kisses from Two Lips Reviews

AND! To celebrate, we're having a SEVEN OF CUPS contest at my author blog, ! Winner receives a FREE PDF COPY of SEVEN OF CUPS! What do you have to do? Simple. Pick a number between 0 and 50. Email it to . The person closest to the winning number will be the winner! Winner will be announced at my blog on Monday, Sept. 3rd, 2007, so get your entry in asap! Good Luck to all entrants!

Meanwhile...I'd love to hear from readers of both THREE OF SWORDS and SEVEN OF CUPS. Email me at the above address, and let me know what you think of the Sisters!

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Joanna K. Moore

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Marly Mathews said...

Congrats on the release of Seven of Cups, Joanna!