Friday, September 28, 2007

Coiled Revenge is Now Available

I'm so excited, Coiled Revenge is out.

Coiled Revenge is a sexy read about Tony, the detective who thinks he can save his town but is he really the cause of the problems? Marissa isn't taking junk from anyone. She is ready to defend herself, but must rely on Tony when everything falls apart for her.

Marissa hadn’t seen him yet. His eyes roved over her body, studying every detail. Her golden skin shone in the sun, making Tony want to caress her arms. She was still as beautiful as she had been the day they met. The fear of losing her forever brought pain to his chest. Regret over his past mistakes snaked through his mind. How had he ever been so stupid?

“Tony.” Marissa waved as she turned towards him. Smiling, he moved through the tables and chairs. Seizing the moment, he lowered his head to kiss her before she had a chance to turn away. Her shoulders stiffened when his lips brushed hers, but he wouldn’t apologize. He would never apologize for kissing her.

Buy Coiled Revenge today and immerse yourself into Tony and Marissa's world.

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