Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Pirate and The Pussycat... officially released!

Well, it's been a long time coming, but my first book has finally been released. YIPPEE! THE PIRATE AND THE PUSSYCAT (a Scarlet Rosette for Halloween) is available now from The Wild Rose Press.

I LOVE the folks over at The Wild Rose Press aka TWRP, they are without a doubt, the most professional e-publisher I've ever had the pleasure of dealing with. I'm not knocking the other e-pubs, mind you, I'm simply saying personally *I* have had the most satisfying experience both buying from and selling to these folks. And I HAVE to add how much I ADORE my editor, Jennifer. I'd mention her last name, but I think she may have a side job as a ninja and will hurt me if I give out too much info (psst, look at the about us page on TWRP and you might find her, hee hee!) Oh, and thanks to Rae Monet who made that sexy cover. She's so talented!

I had a wonderful writer named Shelby Reed give me a fantastic review on The Pirate and the Pussycat and I have to share it with you because it made me giddy that this ultra-talented author gave me such praise. Here 'tis:

"The Pirate and the Pussycat is a definite keeper for this reader! Paisley Scott’s characters bring humor,unexpected plot twists and unbelievable heat to every page…and did I mention the heat? The sheer sexual chemistry between the hero and heroine will knock your socks off! Kudos to this talented, up-and-coming author. I can’t wait for her next release." —Shelby Reed
Raise your hand if you heard me SQUEEEEE into the next county. Wasn't that an awesome thing to say? And from someone who is thisclose to being a legend in the romantica field?? OMG I feel lightheaded.

Okay... let me get down to business. Without further ado... I give you a tiny sampling of the book (hey, it's a rosette... 17 pages long. There's only so much I can post, y'know?). Please let me know what you think! WARNING: The excerpt is for an erotic story, therefore it is R-rated in description.

~hugs all around,
THE PIRATE AND THE PUSSYCAT (a Scarlet Rosette for Halloween)
-coming September 26, 2007 from The Wild Rose Press.

Paisley Scott

Not in a million years would anyone have guessed it was Cecilia Thomas, high school science teacher, beneath the tight-fitting cat woman costume. But when a sexy swashbuckler captures her at the Halloween Ball, Celia soon discovers the treasure waiting for her in a pirate's bed.

** WARNING: The excerpt is for an erotic story, therefore it is R-rated in description. **

"Ahoy there!" a voice boomed from above.

Looking up, Celia spotted a man dressed like a pirate captain -- or at least the sort of pirate captain she’d always fantasized about. A white, ruffled shirt open to his waist adorned his muscular chest. His pants were tight and black, leaving little to the imagination. The bright red silk sash tied around his waist only accentuated his manly bulge. A pair of high boots cuffed at the top rounded out his outfit.

He slid down the ropes and drew his cutlass as he approached. "What business have you aboard my ship, wench?"

Wearing a bandana around his head and a Zorro-type mask across his eyes, his face was a mystery. His voice was smooth, like perfectly aged brandy, and his body was to-die-for. His tanned forearms, visible through the lightweight shirt, were strong and sinewy, the dark hair covering them lightened to a golden shade by the sun. Her gaze wandered across the scarlet sash at his waist and lingered a moment, appreciating the way his upper torso slimmed, then flared at his legs. Damn, he had nice thighs. Encased in the tight-fitting pants, the muscles bunched and relaxed with each movement. Her mind wandered, conjuring images of how his body would look without clothes. Her breath caught. He would be magnificent.

"What’s the matter? Cat got your tongue, kitty?" he asked, trailing the blunt side of his cutlass against her bare arm.

She shivered as the cool steel slid across her skin. The feel of it was dangerous and alluring at the same time.

This is role-playing, Celia. You can do this. "S-sir, I need passage on your ship."

"Women are not allowed." His amber gaze raked her from head to toe.

She cleared her throat, exorcising the nervousness. "But sir, I have already stowed away." She indicated their surroundings. "The next port isn’t for miles. Please. As a gentleman, you must help me."

He sheathed his sword. "Madam, I assure you I am no gentleman." His eyes darkened rakishly. He straightened and held out a hand. "Pray, what number have you?"

"Seven." She gave him the slip of paper.

"Ah yes. Lucky number seven." A dark eyebrow arched thoughtfully above his mask as he glanced at the note. "This guarantees you safe passage upon my vessel." He slipped the paper into his pocket. "Come now, wench, before the crew sees you."

Celia followed him below the deck and into a lavishly decorated cabin. There was a huge round bed situated against the back of the make-believe ship. A night scene embellished the windows behind the bed, complete with a full moon reflected against the inky darkness of the night sea. It was so realistic. So far, she was loving this game.

He leaned down to her. "What are you called?" His voice was low and husky against her ear.

Shivers ran up her spine. It was hard to stay focused.

His warm breath blew across her skin, caressing her. "Y-you may call me Kitty."

"Kitty," he purred, a small grin lifting his mouth. "I am Captain Rolfe." He closed the doors behind them and turned the heavy iron key in the lock. Withdrawing the key, he handed it to her. "Keep this safe." He sauntered over to the small bar against the side wall. "Would you like a drink? Wine? Rum? Brandy?"

Yo ho ho and a bottle of..."Rum, please?" She slipped the key into her boot.

He glanced over his shoulder. "Whatever you want...Kitty."

A thrill skipped down her spine. From the gleam in his topaz eyes, to the glint of white teeth against his tanned skin, the man absolutely oozed sexiness. A pirate hadn’t looked so yummy since Johnny Depp sailed the Caribbean.

Drinks in hand, he walked to her. "Did I mention I, too, am a seven?" He raised his glass and clinked it against hers in a toast.

"Oh?" She took a long pull of the rum, welcoming the warmth as it tumbled down her throat. "What a lucky coincidence."

Above his mask, a dark eyebrow arched. "And do you know what our having matching numbers means, lovely Kitty?"

The endearment caressed her skin, fluttered down her tummy and pooled hotly between her thighs. Good God, what was he doing to her? She shook her head. "Not exactly." It was getting hard to breathe in the suddenly small room.

"Allow me to explain. As the female, you are basically in charge of our...time together. You have the key. You set the pace. You are in charge of everything. The rules are yours to make..." A slow, wicked grin curved his lips. "...or break."

"What do you mean, our time together?" She wasn’t scared, but more intrigued by the idea of how this might play out. Titillated, her breasts grew heavy, pressing against the tight latex of her costume. "Do you mean…sex?"

He reached out and trailed his thumb along her jaw. "You are in charge. Whatever you desire."

Her senses ignited at his touch while his velvet voice curled around her like a living thing, vibrating through her. "Yes." She rubbed her cheek against his hand.

"Yes what?"

"Yes to the sex part." She licked her lips and planted an open-mouth kiss against the palm of his hand. "That is what I desire, sir." She let her gloves drop to the floor. He pulled her to him and kissed her hard and deep.His tongue swirled in her mouth, mating hotly with hers. Firm, strong hands slid up her naked midriff to settle on her breasts.

The five inches of added height from her boots made kissing him absolutely perfect. She arched against his hand, hoping the costume would magically evaporate so his fingers could explore more. And those sexy lips. He even tasted tropical, like coconut and Captain Morgan rum.

She unbuttoned the last two buttons on his shirt and pushed it open completely, leaving it gaping in front. Her lips began a slow journey down the side of his jaw, down his neck and across his chest. She blazed a trail of hot kisses across his hard, bronze chest and the washboard abs of his stomach. He was delicious and rock-solid.Sliding her hands down to the sash still knotted at his waist, she fumbled blindly until she got it untied. Next, she unlaced the cotton pants and dipped her fingers inside to explore what lay within.

Catching his shallow groan in her mouth, she smiled to herself as her fingers wound around his turgid length.He was hot and hard, yet smooth and silky. She squeezed slightly, and he groaned again. God, this was going to be good.

Pulling back, Celia ordered, "Take off your pants."

Again, the brow rose. "Just my pants?"

She ran the tip of her nail over her still-tingling lips."For now."

He hooked both thumbs into his waistband and pushed the material down past his knees, finally kicking them and his boots aside. The black briefs he wore were trimmed in red and displayed a skull and crossbones on the fly.

Celia closed the short distance between them and rubbed his crotch. She purred, "Permission to hoist the Jolly Roger, Captain Rolfe."

His sharp intake of breath was all the answer she needed.


Allie Boniface said...

Congrats on your release - very exciting!

Paisley Scott said...

Thanks Allie!! Congrats to you too! I'm looking forward to LOST IN PARADISE.